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  • Best female voice artist ever; Laura Bailey. I could listen to her read the phonebook I swear. I recognize that voice instantly. Like the sudden switch to her for Vanzyl in the recent feature episode. I replayed the mission again just to listen to h…
  • thank you for the reply and the advice i guess i wont be getting those fleet andorian phasers after all :confused: so if anybody else happens to stop by and read this i would welcome any thoughts on which plasma beam arrays everyone likes i have a…
  • My Romulan toon cannot use fleet chat, he can see it just not enter it. It is exactly like my Klingon toon in that i can see fleet chat but am not allowed to post in it. This is not a permissions issue within the fleet, and apparently is not botheri…
  • (Quote) Al Gore was a romulan!?!?!?!? :eek:
    in facepalm Comment by judah0523 May 2013
  • I did like some of the design links that you listed i have to say but im not in agreement with your opinion of the new incoming romulan ships i do happen to like several of them. My only complaint with STO ships is when you get stuck with one you ca…
  • I have gotten a crit on the delta volanis support assignment several times so i have multiples of the purple dr doff Maella. I have like the best med staff in the fleet and i can't really explain why but i find it amusing when doing a med assignment…
  • (Quote) The term LOL is used much to often on the interwebs. But i must tell you i may have actually shed tears i laughed so hard at this. Well Played Sir