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  • Of all the things the KDF actually needed doing :rolleyes: Oh well, at least it is something for the KDF I suppose. Will we all get costume tokens when these changes go live?
  • This is a great idea. They should remove all restrictions on people going to the Captains Table and turn it into a memorial map where people can go and view in game statues and art of all the cast that have passed so far.
  • Did you actually read the post you quoted? or did you just decide to ignore the context in it and misquote it for your own lols? nabreeki CLEARLY ended with the premise "What's a villain? What's a good guy?" and added "Its more complicated than that, and I'm willing to go along with it." So all the listed information (and…
  • I lost hope when the anniversary event was turned from a fun mission to a grind. That knocked the wind out of my sails to be honest, and the winder event just gone was my last until some of the forced grinds are removed. So for now, I'll collect my LTS Zen.
  • Unless there has been some sort of major nerf I don't know about, but from a Fed point of view, you get a choice of 3 T2 ships. http://spidermitch.com/sto/fed/SpidermitchFEDShipChart.jpg Each ship as 3xE and 1xLt (Career path) at T2 - so at T2 you still only "NEED" 4 BO slots for your chosen path. And there is the clue,…
  • how about, no for an answer. Apart from the new change to BO skills, as a free player you do get enough BO slots for 1 T5 ship - now you no longer need to juggle skills under the new system, you do not need more than 5. Note the word "need" If you "want" more, pay for them. Simple.
  • LOL About sums it up ;)
  • That ship sailed the moment Feds started the whining over wanting everything the KDF had that was unique years ago. The moment Cryptic caved in, any sort of "factions" in the game were doomed and would never truly stand out from each other, as the Feds would just HAVE to have EVERYTHING.
  • That would be a cool plot :)
  • I'm on a break, so do I get to do an "I quit" thread? Then "I'm back" one in a few months when I take a break from Elite: Dangerous?
  • So am I the only one singing the songs from the film then as I do the events? :D:P
  • +1 Needed a good laugh, thank you
  • I think the OP plays FireFall - as they had this event not too long ago. I got 2 Dev kills :D (got killed as well by the 2nd Dev, darn her and her sniper rifle). But it is not a bad idea, dot a few Devs about in Uber ships, outside ESD / DS9 / New Romulus and Qo'nos. So, Cryptic Crew, fancy getting some uber bad guys ships…
  • This has come up quite a few times since the X was added to the store. Cryptic have never responded if it would even be possible for the lance to be changed to another damage type other than phaser, let alone a player picking the damage type. You are not alone in your wish. Plus the Guramba Siege Destroyer is the same KDF…
  • Spec in flow caps and that console will be the best EC you've ever spent. As you fight watching your subsystems build up tons of power is great. Also, a full Polaron config with Tykens / Energy Siphon - it is so funny watch the NPCs slow down to a crawl and their weapons just don't hurt. Some NPCs you will turn off…
  • You want a gun that only works on the holodeck ? Odd, I'd rather have a gun that works everywhere and not a hologram, or did someone pinch the doctors portable holoemitter? :P
  • Glad this is all sorted, took them long enough. I agree the apology sucked, least they could have done is give youa £5 voucher to use on your next game buy. However, that being said. I do agree on the point of "do not push your luck". With everything it took to get this far, chalk up a win. You never know, sometimes after…
  • We all play for our own enjoyment, but most do it in a way that does not mess up other peoples enjoyment - it is called respect for others and fair play. I also have a lot of alts (LTS since Beta, so been busy for 4 years) and feel like doing the mirror event on lots of alts will break what is left of my fragile mentally…
  • Cheers for the answer, I had a feeling it was XP SP2 you were on about. Must be some feature being unloaded when you run the game in that mode. Perhaps it turns off the Aero Desktop features maybe? Or drops some settings to low so it frees up more RAM or CPU for the game. In my humble opinion, Windows XP SP2 was the best…
  • Stupid question... But, what SP2? I run Windows 7 Service Pack 1 - I have no other Windows 7 SP versions. Only things that show up for SP2 is Vista or XP - and I'm not sure they would help :confused: So, what SP2 are you using? as Win7 does not have a service pack 2 or higher (not according to my windows update).
  • I'm sorry, but as 3 posts before yours, the answers to your questions are clearly marked - as they were all ready posted on pages 4 and 5 of the thread then repeated by myself on page 14 post #148 Did you just blindly scan the OP and reply? Without even looking at any other part of the thread? @OP - I just read those Steam…
  • People can buy ZEN through ARC... that way, there is no risk to a Steam account ;) Plus, last time I checked, you get better deals buying through ARC, as they give bonus ZEN (based on how much you buy) where Steam does not give you bonus ZEN. Though Steam did have better increments with a steady rise and ARC does a massive…
  • Well, as some people are to darn lazy to even have a quick look for any gold posts here, I'll do you all the service of quoting what was posted by PWE on this topic, as I'm sick of ignorant posts because no one can be bothered to do a bit of reading :mad: ^^ From Page 4 ^^ From page 5 And yes, the OP did see and respond to…
  • So, all the threads on this on the front page - you go looking for a necro one to post in. No wonder I've been so grumpy as of late, it's not the game - it's idiots annoying me :P
  • Well, my entire nights gaming is shot. And not even a community manager post (who I've tweeted) on here. So much for the "extra communication" :(
  • LOL. Some players do play too much - alas I'm not one of them :(
  • 1) I've not once said the video upset me - feel free to check. In fact no one has asked what rattled my cage in this thread, people have just made assumptions to why. 2) I've watched most of George Carlin works on YouTube, same goes for lots of stand ups. Roy Chubby Brown and Jim Davidson are 2 of my personal living…
  • Actually, now you say it.... I did see somewhere that our pets were using the NPC tables, hence the incoming nerf. So, as the NPC tables were changed, that could be an indirect nerf - perhaps the Devs will see and not do there nerf as pets took a hit with this patch.
  • Funny, pet nerf is not in the patch notes... And wasn't due for 2 - 3 weeks.....
  • Well, if you two are so sure of yourselves, why not start cracking 9/11 jokes in New York, or IRA bomb jokes in London (England), fancy telling TRIBBLE jokes in Berlin perhaps? No? You're all so big and brave behind your keyboards, taking swipes at people who have suffered terrible pain and loss at the hands of a mad man.…