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  • It's been over 2 years after this was reported. It's still not fixed. *sigh*
  • Having this same issue. Was wondering if I was just imagining a cursor being there in the first place.
  • Is it possible you have auto-attacks enabled, you can tell if there's a green square outline around your attack icon? If so clicking other icons sometimes does not register and go off/interrupt the auto-attack. It's been a long time since I've used it, so this may not be the case and it's bugged.
  • Having the same issue with TS3-23c initiating a 2min cooldown. I've used other 23c boff powers i.e HY1, ET1, TT1, ST1, EPtS2, and EptW3 and had the correct cooldown times.
  • I've encountered the issue where I cannot claim the Dyson Science Destroyer on my kdf aligned Romulan. Here's all the pertinent information I can think to relay: 1. DSD event project started during the 2014 anniversary, but not completed. 2. Project filled and completed 6/7/15. Reward box awarded and opened on federation…
  • Ship stats are showing around a 3k/shield strength decrease for me. Hope this is simply a display error.
  • Is this a simply a display error in the tooltip/stats or is this actually reflected in the shield final HP value? If the stats in the ship tab is to be believed then I too am down by around 3k in shield strength.
  • Is this in the works for a fix-up still? Posted the affected character with the set in this thread and personally haven't seen any change, so I'm curious if any headway has been made. Really want to upgrade this, but if I'm SOL with it being bound to character than that's a no-go for me.
  • Set is tagged as character bound. Set was made prior to the revamp of the crafting system. Pieces were slotted into the upgrade system for transition with no change to bind status. [email protected]
  • Sitting on a set too that I would like to transfer to another character that could use it. Been waiting ages it seems for some resolution or official response. When the transition to the new crafting revamp my old Aegis set never changed from Character Bind to Account Bind and was still leveless, though I'm not sure if it…
  • I thought since a number of the folks involved in STB are interested in capturing the unique atmosphere of Star Trek and trying to immerse themselves in same said I'd add this little tidbit I picked up over reddit.com/r/sto/ for those not aware. You can change you Field of View(FOV) in the game by typing: /setregionfov…
  • Thanks for the reply. Tried to do a quick scan of the patch notes and changelog and must have missed that. I wasn't aware that it had been removed, but I don't find that surprising considering the direction of the game has taken lately. It saddens me and the future of the game in my eyes looks tentative from all the doom…
  • Always happy to receive gifts especially ones I can use and enjoy. My post 3rd Anniversary Fed Captains thank you for making the Ambassador Retrofit available to them. Wish that the Romulans and Klingons could get a little more love too. Having said that the gesture is very much appreciated.
  • Is there any reason/s why Lobi and Lockbox ships are getting the free upgrades as opposed to the other tier 5 ships? I can only assume that it is maybe because you do not want to cut into sales of Lockbox keys? Why is it okay to double-dip from those players that accrue some ships through the Fleet Yards/C-Store and not…
  • Sometimes the little devil oozes into the pool you fight them in and around. I've basically had to shift around until the prompt appeared to capture them and not sure if there is a time limit on scooping them up.
  • Well aside from the storytelling and mission makeup of STO i'd like to address some things that would make the game personally more pleasing graphics-wise. "Phasers": Instead of the disco light show we have when using directed energy weapons (phasers) can we possibly limit the amount of beams firing off? May I suggest that…
  • I can't exactly recall, but there was a time when the animations were working maybe prior to LOR. There was a good deal of time when I wasn't at the helm of a Chimera during that period. I'm guessing that when there was the release of Fleet grade Vet ships something got broken. During the scenes where you warp in or out I…
  • At the time of her launch the Excelsior was the most heavily armed vessel and was the largest displacement Starship Starfleet had in its ranks. Exceptionally the larger Monitor type ships which were not classified as Starships, but were built for planetary or system defense or Space Control ships which are carrier type…
  • So I'm trying to get my Akira set up to as close to the shows setup as possible within this games allowances. I know that it was a very torp heavy ship with a devastating frontal barrage and the ability if not singular one of being able to fire torps from the sides, which I was able to emulate with the 180 degree quantum…
  • I've been playing STO for around a year now and I've upgraded my captains and their ships with almost every bell and whistle available. I've PVP'd and PVE'd through all the content multiple times, so things were starting to get repetitive and stale. I'd like to say coming back and flying with a squadron from STB has been…