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  • I agree, the Intel Dread needs way more firing hardpoints. A ship that big just doesn't seem to be firing at all with only 5 hardpoints. 2 upper saucer, 2 lower saucer, and the aft 'everything' spot. It just doesn't 'feel' as awesome as a ship like that should, even though the damage is fine.
  • http://www.arcgames.com/en/games/star-trek-online/news/detail/9600923 I'm so happy and so sad at the same time. The Venture is fixed! And I love my Galaxy Dread with it's new lance and Beta Saucer too much to ever use it.
  • Very great read. I enjoyed it greatly. Especially the 'Command has something special planned for the Odyssey' line. /grin.
  • Actually - there is a very strong... possibility - if you know where to look of a T6 Avenger/Mogh/Mogai coming quite soon. And the.... possibility of the Avenger is pretty funky looking.
  • So is Blood of Ancients staying a level 10 mission for an extra week? Not that it matters horribly either way, just curious. Thanks for the update on the new mission, and I agree, playing it completed and intended is much preferable to the other way.
  • If it's in game, I'd just report them, ignore them, and change your privacy settings to 'only accept tells from friends or fleet'. If it's more widespread, you do have the option of reporting it to law enforcement - especially if threats are involved.
  • If this counts for ships like the Dyson and Kobalii - which have very useful set items which - this will be an amazing thing and my judgment on the change as 'mostly positive'. If it just includes The summer and winter holiday ships... /meh.
  • Yeah, the Galaxy X does have extra torpedoes - but... http://fc04.deviantart.net/fs71/f/2013/114/0/b/another_shot_for_wiskey_by_jimlogan1701-d62ttg8.jpg is just REALLY cool. Especially if it worked like the nebula with modular pods. Tactical/sensor/hospital
    in Galaxy class Comment by jer5488 May 2015
  • Um... Isn't blowing up a facility that runs off omega a really... bad? horrible? cataclysmic? apocalyptic? idea? Though, the fireworks will be spectacular.
  • Agreed - I mostly meant during his time during the retake operations while the Station was in Dominion hands. To be perfectly honest - the Defiant should have had a dedicated Command officer on board when she shipped to DS9 in the first place, a roll that Worf eventually took on.
    in Galaxy class Comment by jer5488 May 2015
  • The problem with the Defiant and firepower is - in every major encounter with a serious capital ship, she fares pretty poorly. The Vor'cha in Way of the Warrior, the Keldons in 'Defiant', the Lakota in Paradise Lost, the Jem Dreadnought in Valiant, the Cube in First Contact. The Defiant deals a very serious punch - yes.…
    in Galaxy class Comment by jer5488 May 2015
  • There are two serious issues here that need to be stated. The first is: 1) When you bring out these fixes, we're flat out called cheaters. Every. Single. Time. It's never 'This isn't in line with our skill curve' or 'This isn't balanced to the way we feel things should be played'. It's always "You guys are exploiting, you…
  • I can confirm this - I understand that it probably happened with the item nominalization - but is there any chance we can get these restored? Some of us invested quite a bit in these consoles, and them being gone is pretty painful.
  • The problem with Iconian Gates is - Iconians only need one one gate in a secure location. Look at the Herald Sphere - it has dozens of gates that open doors where-ever they want them to go. Look at Contagion - the Iconian gate could open doors to the Enterprise, Earth, assorted worlds. No physical hardware needed on the…
  • A small 'fast' change you could do - you're using an ancient AP beam. There's a way to house two seperate ancient ap arrays, and you could also switch your warpcore to the Obelisk core for the 10% ap boost.
  • I don't see why chroniton weapons would do more damage to the Iconians - time travel doesn't hurt the Iconians - their minds just can't comprehend the changes to time. At least the way I understood Sela's explanation. If an Iconian would travel back in time - because of the way their minds work - they become part of the…
  • I don't whine on the forums - the only threads I usually post in are the Galaxy thread, foundry reviews, and if I see someone who needs help. I have no trouble completing the content. I'm sitting on probably five hundred of each elite token. Do I think Elite should be extremely difficult, requiring dedicated and amazing…
  • I pug things because I need marks. I'm not social because I have to deal with stupid people all day long. I play a Star Trek MMO because there isn't a current Trek game for any system, nor one that lets me customize my own ships and crews. Also - they said Elite wont' be puggable. Advanced was always toted as "Exactly like…
  • Just about every 'extension' of Trek has given Paris a promotion towards Command. In the Destiny novels he's first officer on Voyager. And even though he got in trouble - he did become a hell of an officer int he Delta Quadrant.
  • They actually never say a speed faster then warp 8 in the movies themselves. Here's the quote from memory alpha. "Warp 8 is the highest speed a Sovereign-class ship was known to have traveled on-screen. According to Star Trek: Starship Spotter, the maximum warp of the Sovereign-class ship was warp factor 9.7. However, Star…
  • Most of the 'longer arrays are better' arguments come from either the tech manual or the fact that in most episodes when the Galaxy really opens up - it's the primary saucer arrays and not the others. In a nutshell - the manual states that the more emitters are in the array, the more energy can be funneled into one shot.…
  • The Sovereigns strike me as being easier to build then a Galaxy. And for the same materials you can get two (perhaps 3) Sovereigns for the cost of a single Galaxy class. As to where the Sovereigns were during the Dominion War - I always heard it was a licensing issue. While Paramount had the rights to use the CBS owned…
  • Might just me being a Galaxy fanatic - but I think the 'flyover scene' with the Defiant would have looked amazing with a Galaxy class... Don't get me wrong, I like the Sovereign. Except STO's model for her - but she just isn't as majestic as the Galaxy in my eyes.
  • Played this one last night, it was a very enjoyable mission. Good characters, fun fights, and some very nice maps. You did a really good job on this one. Your missions have always been great and this one was no different. Thanks for the time you spent making it.
  • Or we could get a new power out of it. 'Reroute lights to weapons'. :)
  • I don't mind that the Enterprise D was destroyed - I just wish it wasn't an incompetent death due to filming budget. If the Duras sisters had done an amazing dance of firepower and skill, or if they used a new enhanced weapon. Hell, even if they rammed the BoP into the neck assembly as a final 'You suck Starfleet!'. It was…
  • If the Enterprise-D had opened up with everything they had on the UNCLOAKED Bird of Prey - it would have gone down in a ball of flame in about four seconds. They barely even tried to fight - it was poor writing plain and simple. Other Galaxy class ships - even the Enterprise herself - have taken damage the Duras Sister's…
  • I understand it needed blown up for the plot - but having the Saucer land and then having the Galaxy battlesection self destruct to seal/repel the nexus and saving all those billions of lives would have been a MUCH more awesome death... As for the Odyssey - they had to kamikaze it - they couldn't bring her down with…
  • Very nice shots. It's great seeing the new Galaxy running around. For the huge hi def screenshots, do "/renderscale 2" or "/renderscale 3" - make sure you use "/renderscale 1" when you're done though, because it'll really kill your game performance. But you can get some amazing shots out of it.
  • I used to bounce around a lot on my main, but now that he has his T6 Fleet Galaxy - he's come home. As for other toons - I build them for a ship, and where they would fit in my main's fleet. So I like collecting new ships for that and for traits. But once I decide what they fly, they usually don't change.