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  • I was thinking about getting the Elite Starter Pack but I was wondering how the retrain tokens are awarded. Is it 4 total and if so how are they allocated and how can I tell? The retrain button has always been buggy for me so I hate to use it just to confirm if the number increased.
  • Since your new 23c character isn't actually a Temporal Agent with a transponder, you need to go to the Temporal Officer on ESD and ask about temporal awards. One of those gives you the account-wide reward that includes that option, just like all the other characters on your account have to do.
  • I never get the weekly award on my 23rd c characters who happen to be the ones farming the event. I've been running it a second time each week with one of my standard Federation characters in order to get it. I have not had problems with items disappearing.
  • Trying to keep 5 players from clicking through dialog, especially when it isn't clear which dialog option will advance the mission and which will just advance the dialog is not easy even when you are trying. Sometimes your dialog goes away and the button you thought you were pushing was actually the button for the NEXT…
  • My wife gave up, deleted the character, and started over but skipping the tutorial this time. Pretty sad state of affairs to have killer bugs in your tutorial.
  • That's what we finally did, drop the mission and restart from scratch. Rodek walked the right direction that time.
  • Same problem here. Isn't Rodek supposed to lead you toward that door instead of wandering off the wrong direction?
  • Why so much earlier than normal? I guess I won't be finishing my late add-on alt's Breach project after all. Oh well. That much closer the next time I guess. :(
  • Mine was credited as well. :smile:
  • After the Black Friday debacle I would wait until the day after the date in the announcement and buying it before the end date.
  • Says I've got 0 points. I have a receipt for buying zen in my email. I'm not sure why unless I bought it too soon. I got it Thursday morning just after they posted the announcement. Too early maybe?
  • Yes I know. Most of the lobi I've ever had came from the last replay event. But if they don't replace it with something there's no point in confusing new players by listing more than the 4. As it is this is an underwhelming "event".
  • So run these 4 missions (not specified in announcement) for a once-in-a-while reward. Why are all of them listed? What's the point of running any of the others besides the usual everyday reason of running them? Do you get anything extra at all? first-run xp maybe? Nothing?
  • I ran another last night and it worked fine. I don't know what was wrong yesterday. Oh well.
  • If they can't make the player invulnerable or freeze the enemies during the cut-scene (like other games I've played in) then don't do cut-scenes while we are still in red alert! Find some other way to make the transition or allow us to skip the scene. This applies to both ground and space by the way. It is especially bad…
  • Happened to me too and I was just trying to do a mission... which I'll have to start over now. I think it is yet another ddos attack. It seems like every time I get a few minutes to sit and enjoy the game this happens. Very annoying.
  • I will give this a try but really Cryptic should FIX THIS BUG! It is totally stupid that this is still a thing.
  • Thank you! I had been in the loading screen for over 20 minutes when I came here looking to report. Your suggestion worked immediately.
  • You can't use the transporter pad unless the suit is active so I don't think knowing how to use the suit is the problem with burning toons in the combat zone. Not knowing how to use it could cause it trying to cross to the cave or not being able to beam down at all, so always good to review the process. :) I've always…
  • This is how I feel. I'm a bit sad that others won't get to enjoy the corvette or luxury cruiser like I have. I think they are very fun ships. I'm hoping the replacements will be even better though. As for the pearls, I can see both sides of the argument. The only thing I don't like is the all or nothing on the projects.…
  • I like them as long as I'm not in the middle of fighting something. I hate coming back to find I'm dead, nearly dead or wasted a power. Same holds for NPC dialog windows popping up because the objective is completed but the fight is still active (that's mainly a PVE story complaint though). Brotherhood is fine because they…
  • If we can't get on during the peak hours then it won't much matter when this goes live. Of course when half the players quit in frustration I guess it'll get better.
  • Same here. I wasn't able to slot new reputation projects then couldn't access account bank. I decided to try changing characters and that was the end of that. Retrieving characters hangs then back to login. Never fails when my wife is away and I can play all day something interferes. I guess it's good it's the game this…
  • Well, if the star clusters have to go then we need some way to get random, short, repeatable missions. I like the idea of being able to get them from a station on the bridge! My time to play is fairly limited and being able to hop on at any time and spend 30 minutes doing a complete mission is one of the things that keeps…
  • I am extremely disappointed in the loss of the exploration clusters. It is SO Star Trek to go ... you know... explore. On my klingon there were several levels when I literally had no other missions to do. I can't believe you are taking content OUT. I'm stunned. Please don't do this.
  • There are speed boosts along the course that make you a bit faster. The space bar on the flyer is the vertical thruster so yeah it makes you go up. If you steer the flyer down (using the mouse per wpace2's instructions) while simultaneously using the space bar you do get a little extra forward speed out of it. It's a bit…
  • Last year when I saw the suns heading down toward the horizon, I put my character on top of the dock hut the Event Coordinator is standing at then went afk for dinner and a walk. I faced towards the bow of the ship. When I came back I had the accolade for both the fireworks and the argument. I just couldn't seem to catch…
  • Yay! Thanks for the information!
  • I never got the empty-tray bug like some did. Instead I had a couple of characters that were stuck with the trays they had when Season 9 went live. Unfortunately I've gotten new gear with new abilities since then and it isn't sticking. I have to put the same 3 buttons (2 devices and the Anti-Proton beam) back in the tray…
  • Last year didn't it tell you how many you had to do or had left to go for the next reward? That last 20 moves seems to take forever. I thought it was bugged until I pulled up the Current Missions list and saw that the objectives were being checked off as I went. It certainly wasn't on the screen.