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  • In regards to substitute giveaway, I can understand the frustration over it. I know I have been upset when I saw things from my deluxe and collectors (boxed) version showing up. The problem is, I worry just what would go wrong with this. Could it cause all items in the store to cost 0 zen, 5x normal zen, items vanishing…
  • Just a end of event followup. In terms of what causes this, I do not see any pattern. I go up to the race starter, I move onto the course via Q transporter fx and then there is or isn't a racer there. Why I get held after they get to go, I didn't observe anything out of the ordinary, other than 1 racer, I called a long…
  • Is this an acct wide unlock or does each toon have to claim? Looking forward to a week of goodies. Hope some ship slots, dockyard slots, 1-2 new toon slots, heck lets wish for the VIL all inclusive pack, just kidding, not that spoiled yet.
  • This remake this ship as a Tier 5, Tier 5U or 6 sort of dull's the nerves every time I hear it for any class of any design of any faction. Do you magically stretch out the ship to fit into a T6 size. I won't pick on the Nova, so lets say the Oberth class. It is what a T1 or 2 maybe 3 don't know don't fly sci vessels, but…
  • One question. Not naming names, someone says rommie ships best at times, yet flys a federation vessel, or is that a re-textured rom ship so it isn't alone :smiley:
  • Well I can say from the PST zone, it was down as of 4am (-8 gmt). I thought not another oh do this but opps you can't, sorry chaps will have to correct it in the future (sorry not british just felt like using the term). Please put discovery on ice till you can match calendars, upgrading, downgrading, adding content so it…
  • Okay all the Reader User License Agreement first. 1, I am not picking on an individual. I will clump together groups instead as if they are responsible for it then should they all share. 2. If you don't like negative posts about Discovery then ignore as I will be hammering it with my words. 3. This is my game just as…
  • I am glad to see I wasn't the only one doing a double take while playing the tutorial mission. I thought to myself, they changed graphics, sounds, and the species involved but it was essentially just a redo of that tutorial mission you had to go through with you toon in the past. That made think okay this is the best they…