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  • when will exploration return to Star Trek Online.
  • That map can't be right, The Dominion Sent fleet through Romulan space in DS9 which is impossible given that the Romulan and Cardassian territory are on different sides of the Federation according to that map.
  • I remember what someone said in one of the shows, the reasons humans fear war, isn't because of blood shred or destruction but because we fear just how good we are at warfare. An I think that was from a klingon basically admitting humans are better warriors than the Klingons.
  • 5 if you count thrusters they have. I just think it would be better if we remove transwarp that way people have to travel in about in the world.
  • Glad they are removing almost all of the sector blocks loading screens, about time. It would have been great if they added the sectors for Iconia and other planets instead of taking the shortcut and simply moving them to different sectors. The tour of the galaxy looks more interesting now. An they actually up the award on…
  • Elite Dangerous is basically what star trek MMO should be, you can explore 400 billion stars, battle players and NPC and why there aren't massive player on player battles yet, there are some big NPC, with a few human battles one day I will take down a battleship, in the distant future, you can trade and mine asteroids. My…
  • I think the sector space announcement and Dust to Dust were generally welcome. We are all just waiting to see how they bugger up the new sector space. But so far I will say the new producer may be better than the old one which wouldn't be hard.
  • I suppose I can dream about King Abdullah taking it over and caring only about saving Star Trek Online from it current dev who seem intent on destroying the game and removing every star trek about it. :P
  • I enjoyed this episode, even the story, my only complaint is that the very hard options weren't very hard. I like the fact this was a completely independent story and it wasn't all blowing things up and becoming a mass murderer.
  • Does being pissed and gone to play Elite Dangerous count? Where proper exploration is in the game and I can avoid becoming a mass murder.:P
  • There one civilisation that will be arriving soon, Thargoids, Frontiere forgot to remove some of their audio files name thargoids in the game before releasing it, an already establish civilisation in the Frontiere universe. Frontiere have already said there will be other civilisations introduce into the game over time.
  • full 360-degree movement. Something they have stated is impossible to implement with the current engine. A fully procedural galaxy like Elite Dangerous something impossible with the current engine.
  • It wouldn't take much to make a better Star trek MMO game than STO.
  • This game is going down the drain. 14 missions reduce to 4 is just rubbish. Lucky I spend most of my time now flying in Elite Dangerous. Hopefully the buyout of perfect world will include some new owners who care about star trek and will turn this game around.
  • That all depends on how well developed there production pipeline is, given that their engine is held together with a sticky tape and a prayer I wouldn't be surprise if many of the tools they use to create new content are as well, probably in a worse state than the game.
  • Personally I just want new story content because that all I intend to play and I encountered relatively few bugs during the last lot of story episodes. To busy playing elite and exploring 400 billion stars in my little Cobra to be grinding the ques. :P
  • You wonder why they would even add Borg as a word to the Genesis engine in the first place. They could have stuck dozens of races names in there but excluded the main ones such as the Klingons, Borg, Romulans. Plus they could have developed the genesis engine further so it generated missions without so many bugs.
  • An a system for paying us to developed content for their own game or do you and Cryptic expect us to produce free content for Star trek online?
  • There is, it called a docking computer, you have to buy it and it takes up a 1 tonne of specious space on my ship, and it was worst at docking than I'm, so I sold it, by design through it been a long tradition in elite games that the docking computer is terrible at docking. :P But one of the best parts of the game was me…
  • I wonder if they are going to integrate that info into the storyline on STO.
  • Well STO have never got the sizing right for their ships, why would they start now in Delta Rising :P The Pralor and Cravic ships scaled wrong as well, they were gigantic compared to Voyager.
  • Pretty much agree but a lot won't. Sadly cryptic won't have the balls to stand up to them.
  • I'm personally disappointed with one aspect, they introduce the whole intelligence side and yet they haven't added one intelligence gathering mission to the game from what I can see, just completed the Kobali prime mission, which is just a little bugged I mean I had to only change instances about 20 times to find one where…
  • If people were more intelligent the Borg disconnect would be easy.
  • That the side they need to tackle, the loot. Cryptic need to be a bit more generous in that department.
  • An that what normal is for, squashing things like flies.
  • May be I'm just a good player but free ship Star cruiser and the advance STF haven't proven to be much of a challenge for me yet. But may be I just been lucky that I been with players with big enough ships that they can cover for my lack of a decent ship and fire power or perhaps I just got a exceptionally well equipped…
  • I agree no complaints here, well a few of the missions have done with a bit more polishing but they all work and are all playable, well at least up to the Kabali homeworld one. You can actually fail at stuff now :P An they launch a few minutes ahead of schedule. Only two complaint who the hell been upgrading the Kazon…
  • failure, people are failing, what next, actual borg that adapt and change tactics, actual patrol missions that are actually hard. May be even a mission or two that require some thought put into how to complete it:eek:
  • Finally the borg are scary again. :D