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  • New 2018 Summer Ship the one in May 2018 I got 5 of those. Summer Ship 2014 only 3 all upgraded T5U. 4 FT / 4 RR weapons the May 2018 Event T6 5 FT / 3 RR which I have 5 T6. I would like to see 5 FT/ 5 RR. I am running combinations. To see which weapons are more DPS. I have 6 players now Jem A Dar.. He looks serious and…
  • AMD APU driver with a complete new Windows 10 Build and STO crashing a lot more. Than ever.. I hope you can fix the issue.
  • Well interesting the only prize to use is that mirror rifle. I got that used it on the Evil Admiral Queen. Didn't have much of an effect as I had hope. New Iconion Staff Weapon at close range seem to be more effective with kit powers. Anyway this event is fun good way to test out ship weapons or ground weapons with kits.
  • I am really into time travel we should have more of it! Thanks STO new mission is fun hope too see more in the coming new year 2016!
  • Nice story and game play thanks again!
  • Bravo, clap, clap, clap! Very nice story-lines so far! I hope more to come too!
  • Season 10 finally! I just hope everything has been tested to work out of the box!
  • Pretty much fly one type of ship Risian Luxury Cruiser - Code Name BattleShip FED, ROM, KDF. Very powerful!
  • So this is a level 10 then the Iconian you have to take on shouldn't that be level 10 also? Otherwise I've ran this so many times on each toon FED, ROM and KDF. Why are we told not to take on the Iconian and run now? I stay and fight it out to the end. I see Iconian comes back to fight so more! I hope that prize box which…
  • Looking forward to this one, but I can't wait! Bring it on! :)
  • So Dust to Dust is the newest one but why only one and then revamped the Romulan Mystery Series. So just playing those over again because they're been updated with higher hulls, weapons, ground weapons and armor. We need more missions more newer content. I don't like repeating older missions. I do like to be surprised when…
  • This area of space was my favorite to testing and having some fun! Now not so much fun. Everything is higher Hulls and DPS. Beyond what my ships levels so hitting and taking it down is much longer task. I don't even see the U.S.S.Enterprise saying "these guys picked the wrong system", "good to see someone else answer…
  • Are we suppose to get over 300 points to complete the omega? I didn't think it would go that high. I use the mouse. I'll try the keyboard next time. But under FED and ROM Fed Alliance ESD Omega not working or can't get complete I don't use the word Bug but sure is broken. Been like that since they moved it from Bajor to…
  • For fun and specialized points I go and attack the 8742 at the sphere. I've noticed that last major patch the 8742 have much higher DPS that prior. So the switch is flip on to make battling them "NOT A WALK IN THE PARK" anymore. Like they're saying "YOUR GOING DOWN MR"! I have to agree with those here that said the fun it…
  • Next time you play click on the "i" on the target info and see how the hull is over 100K on enemy. So you already know that your weapons dps better be very high. Mine are already high but just have to keep pounding on the enemy until they're shields go down and then you can let them have with all your fire-power. Now on…
  • FED Unable to Collect 1x 40 Bajor Bug ESD Bug ROM Unable to Collect 1x 40 ESD Bug KDF Collect 1x 40 No problem I hope PWE/CS will extend this event as this rate I won't be able to complete it if I can't complete the 1 task to get 40 under FED and ROM. I had to drop the task and still the same. Thanks for your help. But…
  • What did say for the new location? (Space) or (Ground)
  • I getting to old for this! No Omega stuff not even around the system nor in it. What's up with the ground Omega on Bajor so many. Someone there at PWE/CS need to fix this issue.
  • I've just finished the mission! :) Prior something odd had happen when I looked up at the items on the wall. So I shot my weapon at it. But odd I was all over that item. I guess since my weapon wasn't drawn could be the issue I had. Thanks for your help though.
  • Okay some odd just happen. So now there is a floor.. :)
  • Map shows there flooring but there not if I go forward I drop and die. Can't climb the sides also fall down? Anyone have the same issue After the Maze is cleared.
  • Once you get by the Maze there is noway to get across or reach the two red flash items. I've been stuck here for a while. I left the game came back and had to do the maze again. I know it by heart so it takes me less than 10 mins to complete that. But again I am stuck.
  • I guess you haven't been in KDF Ship they have everything there in FED and ROM ships.
  • Dhael Warbird, Qaw’Dun Bird of Prey, and Rhode Island I own Rhode Island Retrofit which is a lot better then the free one here. I see the other two would go for ROM and KDF family. But ROM for Dhael Warbird. But these are not T6 nor T5U. Gorn SCI/Support Vessel given in the last free giveaway was the best for KDF. I guess…
  • I am waiting to see what's next to be release? Wonder who made these choices for us. They should give us the option to pick from a list of items we really need to get. Like other online games do. This is the only game I see they picking the gifts for you. If you give us the choice I am sure less complaints about the…
  • Did you highlight them in the weapons tray. Then you can press enter to fire all weapons.
  • So let me see here FED, ROM, KDF each one can get this ship just by doing the required missions and talking to Q in this event for 2015. Okay. Sounds fair enough! This new T6 Cruiser looks great 4/4 weapons *8 some other cool features. Is Captain Smirk going to do a Live-Stream to show-off how this handles in space battle…
  • Wow! Do you know what time that would be in hours? Thanks for the heads-up! :)
  • Wonder if they're going to give away that tribble Captain Smirk was using in the last Live-stream? Mon Tue Wed Thur 4 days of gifts for free. But we all don't know what they're giving us yet? For me it starts at 1 pm EST.
  • One patrol when you send down away team on a SAT platform. I got when defeating them is use for my sign image below this. That's the max I seen. In Delta Marks they were Very Rare Purple.