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  • I assume that because it's very likely right to assume that. Not because I think you don't know anything, but because people don't understand how probability works. On any sample size smaller than well into the tens of thousands you cannot prove statistical significance on odds between 1/150 and 1/250, because the number…
  • STO is in the odd position in that people who don't want the ships set the prices. You do realise that 1/250 is 0.4%, 1/200 is 0.5%, 1/150 is 0.66%, while 1/125 is 0.8%? All four are well within reasonably predictable outcomes if a too small sample size is used. Cryptic won't want to lose money, that's the thing. You don't…
  • Yes, and Yes for me. But, there's only one ship where this was an option; the Konnie. By charging $250 for a single character unlock ship, such as a promo ship or lockbox ship when bought in gamble boxes, that basically means that it has either no interest to me, or "maybe one mythical day". That one mythical day has…
  • There is a screenshot of the leak earlier in the thread, unless it's been taken down.
  • And that is the big question, isn't it? All we can do is guess.
  • I've had more than 20k Zen (fluctuated a bit with the other legendary bundles of interest, but I intended to day one the KDF bundle, just like I day one'd the Fed bundle) sat in my account since not long after they released the first Legendary Bundle waiting for the KDF bundle. I was thinking that a reasonable bundle of…
  • With the thousand lobi run whichever year that was as I've forgotten, you could get the lobi early; if you did the minimum, then you had to do all the events. But, if you did the first two and a bit of the third every 20 hours you could get the lobi much part way through the third. It's probably the same thing with this.
  • And one last thing - save one of their outfits so that you can load them up again later when you realise that you miss them. Really though, unless you have 50+ characters (I forget what the limit is exactly, but it is over 50) just make use of the new slot being given out.
  • No it doesn't, this is literally the best BoP Cryptic have released; compared to the Fleet Kor, the Temer has more hull, more shields, better weapons layout, 1 more device slot, better spec seat for cloaking torpedo bombers, an extra boff slot (ok, boffs are a bit more debatable as the Cmdr slot is fixed, but you were…
  • For the last rebalance, Delta Rising, Cryptic had top-end PvP and PvE players offering to help out with how to revamp NPC ships to make space more interesting and balanced, both on these forums and on Reddit. Instead, they made the enemies into hitpoint sinks and increased their damage a bit. As a result, all the content…
  • More fully, a VR boff has two Superior traits, while a Rare boff only has one superior trait. with all Gorn (and Efficient Saurians and Lethans) they only have one Superior trait, so the game converts them to Rare.
  • What they could do however is instead of playing a new character, you pick an existing Prime Universe character, and explore the life of their Mirror Universe self.
  • It is the best version of the Galaxy class in the game, even in it's current state. But, it is missing what they said it would have, and they need to get that sorted as it is false advertisement as it stands.
  • The amount of Zen the pack is sold for on sale gets about 80-100 Lobi in straight Zen-Keys-Lobi conversion. If buying an account unlock was in the Lobi store, there's no way it would be that cheap. Frankly, for anyone interested in doing a mirror universe character, this is the best value thing going in STO; even a solely…
  • The problem with the writing is that it isn't until you've done the missions that the situation starts to make sense. J'mpok has a major problem - he is running out of allies, while his enemies are building up. Especially with a Klingon player. With a Klingon player having completed the missions up to this point, they are…
  • For future reference, it is much more resource efficient to scrap the Mk X failure and try again with a whole new weapon, especially so for crafted items at Mk II, which if you want to do with Antiproton, is what you should do.
  • 34. Although it's too many really.
  • Dude, it is not good to be telling new players to do this, not for a main character for certain. The game is designed around the Federation (like the IP) while Romulan-Alien means you miss out on Romulan Operative from having an actual-Romulan character, and that is pretty much the best species trait in the game.
  • Is it a typo that the new Intrepid has twelve console slots? "Consoles: 2 Tactical, 4 Engineering, 5 Science, 1 Universal"
  • Emphasis added - this, for crying out loud, this. ESPECIALLY if you can't be patient! Tribble allows you to scratch the itch without losing one of the best - most likely, the best - investment opportunities you will get in STO. Budget several hundred US dollars just to stand a chance of being where you are now again,…
  • I was actually saying 2 parallel Prime Timelines -TOS-TNG-DS9-VOY and ENT-DSC-prime component of KT- the Kelivin timeline post divergence and the Mirror universe. Think Parallels (TNG S7 E11) not retcons.
  • It's 11th on the list? (starting from top)
  • And risk hurting what were probably the single biggest profit making ships? They could, but they won't.
  • Buy for real money, no, but Zen yeah.
  • This is what they have should have done, using the Magellan idea. STO has the tech and ships to do it, Quantum Slipstream and Transwarp could easily handle intergalactic travel, and with ships like the Oddy, it isn't a problem being that far from home. Technically it wasn't - it was set post-First Contact. My own theory is…
  • Running over budget isn't a problem (long term) if it generates a return - look at The Motion Picture, original budget of $15m, nearing twice over budget before the Hollywood fudge-accounting, return of over $200 million worldwide.
  • The issue is you are trying to work them into a coherent universe, and it just does not work that way. Heck, I don't think any series of Star Trek finished in the same timeline it started... TOS had several timeloops, and the only one that is for sure stable that I can remember right now is Star Trek Save The Whales, TNG…
  • This, really - in theory, cross-promotion should introduce a new audience for both STO and Discovery, and for Discovery -> STO new people, a recruitment event to catch up on the 8 years they've presumably missed out on is a good idea. (an extra character slot has already been confirmed)
  • Arbiter. 5/3 layout, trait is really worth it, damage dealing potential is basically one of the best ships in the game. (in the days of T5 ships it was basically the best Fed ship) More than fast enough, same with turn rate.
  • Leck is definitely a Tac in a Sci Ship.