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  • Question for the lifers: I could have sworn I saw mentioned that lifetime members were getting back their handful of respec tokens. When I hit the retrain button it shows that I have 0 tokens and 1 free respec (which is what everyone got). anyone k…
  • ermagherd. New cross-faction science ship and a trip to see the signing of the temporal accords? @plaughingtrendy I may have just squee'd outloud. Super excited!
  • Main sci toon: Brian Williams (before he was disgraced and still had that oomph) Main eng David Muir (what, I have a thing for journalists) Also... now I want to create a female toon purely for imagining that she sounds like Amy Sedaris.
  • t6 sci ship that works across factions plz. I think they've already said the Oddy is coming either way--I'd rather not have a free version of it that's stripped and then have the 'complete' version available in the c-store 3 days later. Something n…
  • (Quote) This. That was fun getting to help direct the appearance of a new ship. More events like that help get us invested, I think.
  • Some people are just full of TRIBBLE and vinegar. Sounds great @pwlaughingtrendy. Super excited to see where things lead now (Also a little scared for Tralalalalala).
  • (Quote) [email protected] Thanks for looking into it!
  • Yeah, same problem you're having tickmonkey. In fact, I think we're in the same general area. I don't think this is ISP related however, since no other streamed games outside of Arc are having problems and my internet access is flawless for everythi…
  • accidental double post. :/
  • Yeah, I sent in a ticket as well. No response from mine either. I seem to be getting the same problem daily during the same hours. Nothing is changing on my end in that regard, and I doubt it's my ISP since everything else works flawlessly, includin…
  • Same problem today; same time of day. I was getting on fine earlier in the day, but it appears that after 6pm PST, I run into issues. Tracing route to patchserver.crypticstudios.com [] over a maximum of 30 hops: 1 24 ms 12 ms …
  • Here's the trace route Tracing route to patchserver.crypticstudios.com [] over a maximum of 30 hops: 1 7 ms 4 ms 1 ms 2 13 ms 11 ms 15 ms 3 19 ms 73 ms 17 ms xe-0-0-2-0-sur04.sal…
  • 2 points appear to be having problems for me: sea-edge-13.inet.qwest.net [] and again at after both the request times out
  • Yep, having problems. Sometimes I can get to the character selection screen, sometimes to the initial log in, but every time it get the timed out message. Speed test checks out. Different media is working just fine.
  • Definitely the beta for me. Even though it's a carrier and they tend to stray from design aesthetics, I like the wide saucer because it screams Starfleet.
  • Fed-eng 50, lost somewhere in the Cardassian arc. Rom-fed, 23/24 Fed-tac just out of tutorial. Debating a sci toon, or a kdf toon.
  • It looks like Arc is working on it, at least. *drumming fingers on desk* http://i.imgur.com/VZbDfn7.jpg
  • I'm totally excited for new ships annnd will probably aim for getting them all. Buuut, I have to agree. We should be able to 'drydock' our ships we don't want in the current rotation or some other option. Esp. since fleet ships can't be decommission…
  • And here I thought critical theory and Star Trek did not make good bedfellows. Does that make the Orion syndicate some hypothetical subaltern (re: OP's citing of names) and more urgently-- can they speak? I think my doctorate just melted.
  • I most definitely have gotten ship component drops in the DQ. the PVE stuff is frustrating insofar as STFs go. the mission content is not. does it have bugs? sure. am I confident they'll address them in some prioritized order? Yes. What I do find st…
  • Have had so much fun exploring so far. Many thanks for all the hard work.
  • I wonder how sad it is that I periodically click the STO icon hoping for a flash of green. :/ On the positive side, you just reminded me that I have a few episodes of Dr. Who to catch up on. Yay!
  • Yeah, I've tried like 17 times in a row with my sci rear admiral upper half character and I've started yelling at the screen. Combos in effect, no matter how often I dodge and circle, I always end up underneath the mugie. I hate how slow my health r…