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  • testing......I'm baaaaccccckkkkkk.
  • I don't hate it. It isn't great. It isn't good. Its ok. I DO hate ST V.
  • Or maybe they have switched to a Monday-Tribble-Patch-Day routine? April 22nd was last. Work like mad monkeys until the 28th checking in fixes, publish on 29th, repeat.....? Just a theory.
  • Sorry, bro. Infinite Space hit an infinite wall. or, if you prefer... Infinite Space > finite budget.
  • Yeah, this is one of the many reasons why I universally hate story lines that involve time travel. My buddy down in my signature knows what I'm talking about.
  • My only gripes so far are pretty trivial. You guys really need someone to re-read a lot of your NPC dialog on almost all of your new Romulan missions. The spelling and grammar are horrible. Wrong versions of words (your instead of you're and there instead of their) and lots of spelling flubs. I like the tone of the…
  • missed the message. Is this a new patch or just something for stability? They've been pretty good about throwing up patch notes prior to patches, until now.
  • I think it would. I'd still cost me the same input values for X # of DOFFs, but I wouldn't have to spend 10x the normal cost trying to snag medical types in a crazy, unequal distribution pool. do it, man. DO IT!!!!! :D
  • People still trying to explain to Sollvax why he is the modern day reincarnation of Herbert Hoover? Pointless. Its like trying to explain to a conspiracy nut that there really are no secret black helicopters or UN-run re-education camps. Sollvax simply refuses to acknowledge any information which conflicts with his crazy…
  • What I got out of this thread: OP is upset about people cutting into his profits when they post their keys at 1.3 instead of his 1.5 mil ec. Response: Deal with it. Its a (semi) free market. Sorry you can't get everyone to go along with your price fixing scheme, but actually - I'm not. and the second thing I got out of it…
  • Like what I am seeing. The only thing I am really not seeing that I used to enjoy is the bubble over chat that shows rewards when looted. Is this an intentional omission (which sucks if so) or an oversight?
  • Oh, good point. Thanks.
  • I'm pretty sure you cant craft mk XII purple consoles. I've only ever seen them drop as loot on elite STF runs. Somebody confirm?
  • Oh yeah. I loved me my aegis set until I ran out of things to do and STF'd until I had enough for the adapted MACO XII.
  • No. Craft till your little pixel-ie fingers bleed. But, in all fairness, if you are crafting with any kind of profit motive in mind, you are going to be completely wasting your resources with STO crafting as is. If you want a nice aegis set because you haven't maxed out the rep system or only play once in a blue moon and…
  • Again, its your tone and your complete dismissal of any opinion other than your own that's the problem here. You start a forum thread and then act the fool to anyone who doesn't agree with you? That's not exactly a great way to encourage discussion and try to find commonly acceptable solutions. But if it makes you feel…
  • Actually, you start off pretty insultingly in just the second sentence of your OP regarding the existing threads related to crafting and continue a condescending your-ideas-suck tone through every reply you have posted so far. But hey - be defensive and condescending. Its the internet, after all. :rolleyes: And I think…
  • For what the crafting mats cost, I'd have to have slightly superior gear for me to start crafting again.
  • So you created different doom threads on different subforums and then thank the mod when he merges them? Right....obviously, you aren't trolling. :rolleyes: Logic. BOOM!
  • Possibly the worst suggestion since Abraham Lincoln said to Mrs. Lincoln "I'm bored. Lets go down to the theater and see that new play." And even implementing this very bad idea would not necessarily mean crafted items would suddenly sell better. Just.... no. Incredibly bad idea.
  • you guys realize that you are feeding a troll, right? Even if he truly believes what he is saying, he just keeps starting the same "DOOM!" thread over and over in different sections of the forum. Quit giving the guy the attention he seems to so desperately crave. One of his doom threads is plenty.
  • Obviously he is wanting Cryptic to pour massive amounts of time and energy into developing a Purple Mk XII Very Rare Sarcasm Induction Console. :D Normally, I would be all for this but I want dev time exclusively devoted to the creation of the Bob Sheeple DOFF pack. The pack should include the four Sheeple variants, all of…
  • Wasn't even that. Was basically a rehash of the last 5 months, and the guy signed it with "see you on markeb!" Doom, I tell you.
  • Z-axis I would be totally cool with. Ships doing barrel rolls or zipping around sector space upside down? not so much.
  • If you limit it to up/down, I would agree. If you want rotation on long axis, I would have to say no. We never ever saw anyone turn on the view screen and the other guys ship was upside down. I can only think of one movie example (in Nemesis) and one tv example (in Enterprise) where they even showed a ship do a rotation.
  • You just don't see the rom fanbase at cons. They are there, they just go in disguise or use cloaks. Rom fans are sneaky, just like sneaky roms. But yeah. Not sure how this is going to shake out to being a financial win in the future for Cryptic unless they make jointly useable KDF/ROM c-store items. Maybe by combining the…
  • You won't enjoy it. DOOM!!!!!!
  • Just give it a week or two and the price will be back at 93. 93-96 seems to be the equilibrium point when there isn't something really-really-really desirable stuffed into a lockbox or doff pack.
  • Wait. There are Borg? at Kerrat!? Seriously? Get outta here. :D
  • Now that's just depressing. We already have to swim thru a river of crocodile tears from the Klingon players. Now I have to dread the whine of the upcoming Romulan complainers. Worst case scenario: Rom faction launches, is enjoyed by all, and rom population surpasses and stabilizes at twice the KDF population levels.…