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  • Well, mistakes happen. Reposted in the correct section.
  • Quite nice to see the Gamma Recruit event back. But could you please fix the recruit endeavour progress, that hasn't worked since the original Gamma Recruit event. For anyone unaware. You can complete daily endeavours on your gamma recruits, but you don't get credit. The gamma recruit objectives for completing 1, then 10…
  • Quite nice to see the Gamma Recruit event back. But could you please fix the recruit endeavour progress, that hasn't worked since the original Gamma Recruit event. For anyone unaware. You can complete daily endeavours on your gamma recruits, but you don't get credit. The gamma recruit objectives for completing 1, then 10…
  • Same here. Only noticed it yesterday, should have received 10K, received 8K. Double checked today and instead of 11K, 8K. Definitely bust. Down 5K in Dilithium over the past three days. It may not be a massive amount, but I should have received it and I haven't.
  • A nice simple choice for me. A T6 Star Cruiser, that would do nicely. Loved that ship. https://sto.gamepedia.com/Emissary_Star_Cruiser
  • Looking at the world clock, still got an hour to go. This game never fails to amaze. A 2.5 hour downtime going up to 5 hours. On a plus side, I was able to login.
  • You're not alone. Started timing out for me just about the same time they announced the further extension to the downtime. I think someone has broken something again. :(
  • OK, erring on the side of this being a bug and hoping it's not intentional. The weapon buttons that you could place to the left of the main power tray are gone. I created a new Klingon character and tried setting up the UI the way I like and I am used to, only to discover the buttons were no longer available. They are…
  • Adding to this. Lots of new ships, a few new episodes, new account events. All OK, but can I ask that instead of adding more and more of this type of content, could you please fix the lag spikes and rubber banding that everyone in the game is experiencing daily?
  • Useful for my Armada's, but that's about it. I'd be much happier, if they let the Romulan's wear either the uniforms of the faction they've allied with.
  • Adding my voice to this one. This bug destroys any attempt at the TFO and then you get hit with the leaver debuff, ruining any chance of another random. Typed while sitting with the leaver debuff after "The Cure: Applied" bug.
  • Phew, nice to see I'm not alone in not really having a life. Oh and I hit 61 yesterday. :smile:
  • I've missed one or two universal endeavours, usually PvP stuff. And I'm currently at level 60 (no life). I'm really curious now if anyone is at a higher rank, with the exception of the occasional PvP universal, I'm fairly sure I've hit every daily one.
  • What's up with these bloody things? Go kill 18 Dreadnoughts for the hard endeavour. But they don't mention that you don't always get credit for the bloody kill! I've killed Tactical Cubes, Voth Dreadnoughts, Bioships, Borg Queens (both TFO's), Terran ships and I'm lucky if I get credit for the kill. I've been running these…
  • From what I've seen elsewhere, try running three Borg TFO's that's completing it for some. I've run all of them and it hasn't completed for me.
  • Oh great, so it's another fecked up piece of the game. I've run every Borg TFO and the red endeavour is incomplete. That's a fun afternoon wasted.
  • I'm starting to wonder if this will be the new model for TFO's. Not a lot of XP and no loot dropping, except the occasional lockbox. No loot from this or Starbase One.
  • Not much there, I was hoping for an XP change in The Battle at the Binary Stars, so people can earn ship experience during the first phase.
  • Having run this a few times on different characters. It's OK, some XP from the first half would be nice. So far it's only being earned after the corny Admiral gets blown up. One sad, pathetic thing though. It's less than 24 hours old and people are already leeching by going AFK.
  • Unfortunately, I don't see ship interiors being improved. A lot of different era ships really should have interiors to match, but I don't see the work being put in to make that happen. :(
  • I started a thread asking about this lack of Mastery points. https://www.arcgames.com/en/forums/startrekonline#/discussion/1244168/no-experience-on-killing-ships Pile in with your comments, probably the only way short of everyone submitting a ticket, that we'll even get a response.
  • I finally gave in and ran the first of the new missions (no starship mastery gains), only to find no xp from ground kills either. It would be great if someone could let us know what's happening with this. People will not run these missions if they don't gain ship mastery or xp from ground kills.
  • No mention of characters not gaining XP during Starbase One STF or from AOD Klingon kills in the "new" missions.
  • Update. I ran a Federation Fleet Alert, picking up XP and mastery starting to level. After that, I ran Defence of Starbase One. No XP and after checking, no one else in the team picked up any XP from kills. Bug or are we deliberately not getting XP in the new missions/STF on max level characters?
  • Coming to a lobi/c-store near you soon.
  • Meimeitoo is right, this is a choice. We've had sweepstakes for years and while I accept that the sweepstake laws vary from country to country. The people running them have had years to come up with a viable solution and haven't. They seem to be sticking to the old USA only formula and not bothering to look at viable…
  • It's not just in "Doomed to Repeat" it's happening. By the time I was at the top level of the ore refinery in "Storm Clouds Gather", I was on my own. I lost half of my away team at the first set of ramps and the others at the second set. Added to that, I just ran "The Temporal Front" and my away team spent all of the first…
  • Come on, get a grip. You have an international product, but you are unable or unwilling to run competitions internationally. Hell, you can't even open it up to the same continent as the US.
  • Mine is usually around about the 24th of each month. I'm keeping an eye out each day and I'll be asking questions if it hasn't hit by the end of the month.
  • I see no mention of this on today's patch notes as either changed or acknowledged as a bug. Does that mean they intentionally set up the queue to TRIBBLE around with players the way it does? Also, has anyone seen or heard anything offically regarding this issue?