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  • congrats on the new forums.... now i want MOARRRRR!!!! lol
  • Radiant - kill 20 herald ships - kill accolades - 10 pts Darkness Vanquisher - kill 100 herald ships - kill accolades - 10 pts Light Bringer - kill 200 herald ships - kill accolades Spattered - complete the FE Blood of Ancients - Story accolades - 10 pts
  • not so far as ive found and i both disarmed them all perfectly and purposefully messed up and got blown up by each one. Also doesnt seem to be an accolade for delegating the tasks incorrectly either nor is there one for going down all the corridors with debris in the way far as i can tell
  • NOOOOOO!!! ***cries unconsoleably.*** I have the original bug and that cost me 2000 zen cos my fleet commander didnt want it and realise how good they were at the time. Im never guna get the new one ***continues to cry and starts to rock back and forth in the corner ***
  • So with the imminent reduction in sector blocks im worried about the "Defender of accolades" personally im running nothing but these in order to get them before they may possibly be removed given there will only be quadrant maps in the future. Anyone heard any word on what will happen to these accolades officially. I know…
  • ive never seen an event ship in the lobi store. why would it be reclaimable from there if its a event ship?
  • additionally why cant you reclaim any and all ships you have bought? thats a bit weird really.
  • as much as it pains me to do so as the OP is in my fleet and I use his misery as a source of amusement. I must agree that a way to reclaim this ship is a necessity. with the exception of lockbox and lobi i believe every ship is reclaimable and should be so given they are a major part of our enjoyment of the game and much…
  • So ballard wants a reanimated ensign kim. Ive seen people go to crazy lengths for a booty call but this is just ridiculous and before people say "well thats not it cos kobali dont use sexual reproduction" Im not talking about reproduction im talking recreational intercourse. Nothing in the lore to say they dont have sexual…
  • No gingerbuddy gingerfriend are 2013 accolades as is sweet-toothed if you find them on your accolade list they have 2013 on the accolade. Sweet-Toothed should be showing as in progress at least it did in mine but the ginger ones dont show in progress even though they are
  • Not sure about "hiddden" recipes i know you can collect a present on the winter invasion map that turns into a recipe once opened should be in your inventory. Then you take that to neelix and he tells you where on the map to get teh inggredients to make the food
  • yeah ive heard Gingerhelper is for 10 Gingerfriend is for 25 Gingerbuddy is for 50 but not certain as i only have the first one and not sure what counts as helping a gingerbreadman. Is it just killling snowmen so those few that arent frozen can escape or is it the gingerbread council members?
  • new one for yall with the winter event on. Line in the snow - complete 10 full defenses against assimilated snowmen dont know how many points it is unfortunately. You dont have to prevent every snowborg from escaping as ive ran it twice with 32 and 3 escappees respectively and still have 2/10 on the accolade
  • Well by the logic of "its empty so its not needed" most star systems should be removed as they are only used now and then when someone is leveling to play the episode so they should only be generated when someone needs them. Now i can imagine an argument would be "well star systems exist in space so its realistic" but then…
  • Yeah if the instance was full and the ligths were on and maybe someone fired off a disco ball aswell then it would probably lag out but as mentioned earlier C47 is pretty emtpy so even if 20 people were in it should survive and I was there when TACO and Smirk were in on the live stream and the instances were full and…
  • ok no luck on the Patrolling Kelsid front but New Crew X2 FED (wouldn't complete on tribble, broken??) New Duty Officers X2 (wouldn't complete on tribble, broken??) are broken on holodeck too.... I maxed my boffs and doffs and nothing so dont waste EC or dil trying for the moment
  • so this patrolling kelsid is bugging me like the rest of you but i did find something strange. According to previous posts there are 3 accolades... Anticipated - Prepared - You deployed all 3 Defence Satellites in the direction of the second wave of Vaadwaur Expected - You deployed all 3 Defence Satellites in the direction…
  • confirmed defeat each of the three dreadnoughts within one minute of one another located in the second general section along with tachyon technician and trait slot unlocked. Anyone else wish they would make just one general tab and instead of "general" and "general accolades" and alphabetise the lists?
  • it could have been using photosynthesis. The "egg shell" could of acted like chlorophil and the alien could of feed off the complex sugars to grow. and before anyone says chlorophil is green.... yeah earth chlorophil is alien chlorophil might not be.
  • This is a bit long. Its essentially my captains Bio I never got round to writing till now. This is why my captain joined starfleet and why hes in the big chair. Captains log Stardate 87329.6 Starfleet Academy has contacted me and asked that I make a record of my reasons for joining Starfleet. It seems they have decided to…
  • Mav you cant please everyone and its futile (see what i did there) trying. Best your guna get is if you do one week softly softly show and one week hard hitting. it wont satisfy everyone but to those who say your to soft you can say check out next/last week and those who say your too critical you can say the same thing. It…
  • i think were over looking the real big news here at 02:45:36 Mav says hes guna have a good time in vegas with Geko i see strip clubs in their future LOL
  • updated and thanks
  • really. does anyone still have this mission that they could share with me please :)
  • nope. im fed its a fed mission im max level diplomacy. the mission isnt available from the contact or in my avilable missions list according to sto wiki The repeatability of this mission has been removed as of July 15th, 2011. (so i must have done it at least once and not got the accolade) You may do this mission while…
  • thanks for the info guys but im guessing this paticular mission (or at least its repeatability) might be broke or bugged. I found Cadet Samua in a group of 3 west of ship requisitions but when i go upto to him i get nothing. I also tried looking in the available missions list incase thats how you found it but nothing there…
  • according to my assignment log they were all success not crit
  • establish supply depot also works as does geological analysis (for the khazan cluster anyways)
  • just finished another "colonial negotiations with indigenous groups in the "cluster name" and it counted im now at 11/15 Also just finished "trade negotiations with indigenous groups in the "cluster name" and it counted now at 12/15 which also means unlike missions of old where you had to explore 3 times for 1 count on the…
  • ive tried going right upto alll of them and nothing and a scan reveals nothing either im afraid.