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  • When the Discovery Rep first started I was able to salvage the useless consoles that came out of the boxes. Then one day I couldn't do it anymore, and I had the same realization as you.
  • I think the Borg would still adapt to holographic weaponry. Technically, it's still a type of energy. In First Contact Picard says that with the safety features deactivated even a holographic bullet can kill, but I bet if he'd been shooting at more than three or four drones, the fifth would have adapted.
  • I've been similarly disappointed that the rep stores don't have the variant weapon types. I guess it is what it is.
  • This command didn't work. My computer is only a year old, it should be able to handle this stuff, but nothing I've tried works and as it is it's unplayable. Any other suggestions?
  • I ran my T5 Ambassador as my main from the first day I got it from the Temporal Ambassador mission. It suited my playstyle and it was my favorite looking ship to fly. It was a real Star Trek ship. I eventually upgraded to the fleet version and later the T5-U fleet Ambassador. Always loved flying it. And a few months ago I…
  • These are some great suggestions that I hadn't thought of. I've already made the recomended changes to my Boff abilities and I'll see how that work. The EWP was "occasionally" useful, but I'm sure Aux2Sif3 will be more useful. I do have Hazard Emitters on another Boff that I swap in when appropriate. Thanks for the input.
  • The torp I'm using is in fact the enhanced, I just hit the wrong one in my loadout. I actually upgraded it to a MK XIII and got a quality upgrade too, so it has an extra [ACC] proc. So I do have the two piece Anyway here's the more accurate setup, including upgrades I've made since I wasn't able to include MK XIII this…
  • Thanks for the advice! The graviton console I believe increases the pull of my grav wells. I have two Doffs that increase my grav well abilities. One that gives a chance to create aftershock grav wells, and a Xindi doff that gives a proc to knock enemies engines offline if they're cought in one. If I'm wrong about the…
  • To answer my own post, clearly a bug. I don't know why I even thought to try, but I slapped an engineering upgrade kit in and it worked. It's messed up.
  • I'd accept blue phasers. I like the retro phasers too. If they'd made these blue I'd buy them as long as they differentiated them from tetryon.
  • It's pretty sad actually. I switched to fleet phasers a few months ago for the more "Star Trek" feel of them and was excited that they were getting some attention in the new season. But I'm not going to grind for a month and a half and pay x dilithium for green phasers. I'll get to tier 2 for the console and torp and be…
  • I'm a science captain and my main ship is the Fleet Support Cruiser. I love it.
  • The Rep format I do like. It seems much more user friendly with more choices as to how to proceed. That being said, the gear seems lackluster. I've only unlocked the first tier so far, but the stats on the personal shield seem weak. I use the MACO set, which seems more than adequate for taking on the Voth, and more…
  • I was flying the Retrofit Ambassador since it first came out as my main ship. I decided a few weeks ago to upgrade to the fleet version. I saved my EC and got the modules on the exchange and finally made my purchase a week or so ago. The Fleet Ambassador is a really good ship for my playstyle, and I'd suggest it to anyone…
  • I don't have a combat parser, so I'll just give you my observations. I've been running the Nukara set and weapons on my Risian Corvette for about a month or so now. It's a pretty gimmicky ship, which is what I was going for. Just something to play with and have fun. The refracting active abilities you get from getting to…
  • I've had the same problem and never found a solution. I figured it was a bug, but since I don't much care for the alternate helmet, I didn't bother reporting it. On principle it would be nice though to have access to all the options we worked hard to unlock though. It's also possible we're just doing something wrong. The…
  • I'm not getting an error, but my costume parts just aren't showing up. I bought the Risa Adventurer outfit and used it without a hitch. Next I bought the Beachcomber just for giggles, unboxed it, but none of its components show up in the tailor. Feel like I've been jipped.
  • So with the weapons stabilizer as the first set bonus, this set is really only good for fighting Tholians. But by the time you have enough Nakura marks to get it, you're sick of fighting Tholians.
  • Ditto on not being able to find the assignment. I've also been unable to find it for the past couple days. Searched all sector blocks several times... nothing.
  • I haven't found the Heavy Graviton Beam to be all that useful most of the time. That being said, there was one instance in which I was stopping Borg Probes in KASE and misapplied my EWP on the wrong plane. I used my Gravoton Beam like a pool cue to knock the probe into the ejected warp plasma, saving the day.