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  • I'm equally curious. I've only been able to use KDF skins, and never tried putting a singularity core inside my D7.
  • If it wouldn't be much work, I'd love it if they could also add Romulan material options for skins, but I also sort of like the original version too, so I'd have characters use either.
  • Well it seems to be working fully again.
  • I'm on PC as well, and have had all of the issues listed here. I tweeted the issues to STO, and also reported via this site, and the topic here too. All we can do is report it and wait. EDIT: I noticed in game, there's small red text after I log in saying the server isn't responding, and it counts time until the disconnect.
  • I have heard that the game is working just fine for some people, but a lot of us are having issues which I hope they'll resolve.
  • That is another problem, horrible lag.
  • I get this issue where I'm disconnected from that server, other times I get a stuck loading screen, and the worst are when I actually get in game as a character and chat is down completely, and I get d/c'ed forcibly. I tried verifying the files, and others are experiencing the same issue, but I've heard some aren't having…
  • The Vorsoth didn't cross time to bring them there. For all we know, the ship could have been brought to our dimension by chance, and was captured by the Vorsoth. Or the Vorsoth could have just captured them. The ship had been in the clutches of the Vorsoth for a long while. Now that I think about it, it was probably the…