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  • Captain Nat reached over to the mobile emitter in hopes of using his powers to make it work properly.
  • "Well, the admiral had mentioned the holodecks going haywire," replied Captain Nat.
  • Captain Nat quickly turned to Tala, "it's a long story that I haven't even been told yet, but apparently he's an inter-dimensional hologram of some kind that the mobile emitter they gave him doesn't appear to agree with."
  • "Regarding that..." said the admiral with a tone so serious that Sarah started looking uneasy. Nat turned to Nick, "try to be more professional the next time one of your dates gets interrupted by an anomalous lifeform... or anything, for that matter…
  • "I'm sure the captain can handle him," replied the admiral, "he's only one anomalous lifeform, not like the fate of existence is hanging in the balance again." Admiral Nat turned to Elric, "guess you got your first contact mission sooner than expect…
  • "Well, that's rather inconvenient," remarked the admiral, turning to Captain Nat, "where's he going, anyway?" "The bridge," replied Captain Nat as he vanished in a flash.Bridge Captain Nat appeared on the bridge, then turned to walk over to the tur…
  • "No," replied the admiral, "I have no intention of harming an innocent new lifeform. Let's get back outside." He exited Big Arm and ran for the exit doors, followed by Sarah. Once they exited, he tapped his combadge immediately. "Admiral Nat to Capt…
  • "Here I was thinking of having one beamed over from the Legacy," remarked Sarah, "guess that's settled. By the way..." she went on, turning to Corvis, "do you have a name?"
  • "We could try transferring him to a mobile emitter," said Sarah, "then he could explore the real world without being limited to any ship or station at all."
  • Banned for not doing the same. Banned because if Hawku made Canada the 51st state, I'm declaring our secession and subsequent annexation of the United States as the 11th province... better known as "Canada's pants". Except Alaska, we'll wear it as a…
  • Banned for not just banning yourself, as a true ban master could.
  • Robin: Batman, the batmobile won't start. Batman: Check the battery. Robin: What's a tery?
  • "We normally exist outside these holodecks in what we consider our real world," said the admiral, "we enter these holodecks periodically for entertainment, as he said."
  • Sarah accessed the holographic menu and summoned an army of heavily armed Egg Fighters (complete with electrified shields), which began fighting off the insectoids and established a defensive perimeter. "You realize there's no need to fight them off…
  • "So I take it the holodecks are going haywire?" asked the admiral, "I figured as much. Couldn't let a good holodeck trip go unchallenged, especially not the moment we finally got a vacation..." Big Arm crushed another insectoid, then blasted away a …
  • Sarah followed Elric, also finding herself on the field. "Oh bother." A larger door opened in the sidelines, and Big Arm, piloted by Admiral Nat, came crashing in, swatting away several insectoids and then blasting away several others with the buil…
  • "What in the world?" questioned Sarah, "has it linked our holodeck to a bunch of others? Also, is my phaser not working?" Sarah looked around, noting Nick and Krystal. "Watch out, they've got nanopulse edged weapons!"
  • Sarah immediately opened fire on all 6 creatures simultaneously.
  • Sarah showed a look of alarm, passing her nanopulse edge sword to Elric and pulling out her phaser pistol, setting it to the maximum multi-targeting setting and aiming it in the creatures' direction. "Computer, end program!"
  • Sarah turned to Elric wide eyed. "Uh, Level 15? I don't like the sound of this. What program skips ten levels like that, anyway?"
  • Sarah's eyes widened as she blocked the creature's incoming strike, noting it's lirpa's new nanopulse edge. "That was unexpected," she remarked, swinging her sword to block it's continuing attacks. She started trying to lock blades to hold it's weap…
  • Sarah carefully dodged the first few swings, then moved her nanopulse edged sword swiftly to slice the left-handed lirpa in half.
  • "So, the bird is that much of a challenge?" remarked Sarah, taking a defensive posture and moving around quickly, trying to catch the creature's attention.
  • Sarah rushed over to Elric and helped him back up, taking note of a larger pillar nearby. "Looks like bird brains here finally decided to join in."
  • It's been October for a few days, and this thread still doesn't have any spooky skeletons! It needs some.
  • The other creature rushed at Sarah, swinging it's bat'leth. Sarah crouched under the swing, moving forward and swinging with her nanopulse sword, slicing the creature's lower torso in half. Taking advantage of her existence momentum, she charged, na…
  • Sarah moved to block a bat'leth strike from one of the skull headed creatures, but her nanopulse blade simply cut the bat'leth in half and landed somewhere in the creature's chest. Sarah seemed slightly surprised, then quickly kicked the creature in…
  • Sarah activated her nanopulse edge sword, and it started emitting a blue, glowing blade, humming in anticipation of the holographic foes to come in contact with it. Sarah took a defensive posture, waiting to see which creature would attack her firs…
  • "Computer, one nanopulse edged sword," commanded Sarah, turning to Elric, shrugging. "I've been experimenting with this one."
  • "Having a weapon of some kind would be helpful, yes," replied Sarah, "I don't exactly use my fists all that often."