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  • imagehunter007#8602
    I'm unable to post or send a message as far as I can tell. Being that all I can do is comment I'm hoping someone sees this and can help me out. I'm new to playing STO and missed the previous sections of the event campaign III. There is a ship in that reward I really want. I notice there are two boxes with question marks in them which I'm assuming are two more chances for me to earn the 3500 points needed to complete the event and get the reward. My question is are there two opportunities coming and can I earn enough points with them to complete the 3500 points. I have 5 days left to buy out and event if I have to so I need to know soon.
    December 2021
  • jadizbane
    Hi Ambassador Kael, how about adding Elite Captain Tokens to the Phoenix event. I think the online community would wet their knickers in absolute joy and appreciation. It would be a fair addition to go side by side with the Experimental Ship Upgrade under very rare

    It's a good idea am i right?
    November 2021
    • strathkin
      I could see them considering it, yet they give 2 Experimental Ships for one Ultra Rare Phoenix Token. Yet players have 100's of ships, unlike 5, 10 or 15 Captains--some have 37 sure. It likely require an Epic Token however... I just replied as I didn't think he'd not be allowed to comment, till until an announcement. They may also not offer it, instead offering 1 Elite Captain Training token as a reward.
    • strathkin
      for an event, once in a blue moon. ;)
  • paultrusty
    Hi Kael!

    I was wondering if there would be a way for me to send you a picture of the cross stitch my girlfriend did of The Dog that is on the upcoming winter sweater? I don't have a twitter account. I had posted it to the sto subreddit, it was really popular but a mod removed it because they didn't think it was relevant to STO. She is talented and great and I thought maybe you would want to show it on the next stream for submitted art. It would be cool for her art to be appreciated by more than just me! Thanks for everything and taking so much undeserved TRIBBLE from the community.
    December 2021