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question about Trait: Dominion Coordination

whistlerdavidwhistlerdavid Member Posts: 412 Arc User
i just now noticed that it says does not stack. what does that even mean? does it mean traits like SAD,the new pet trait from the hydra or console buffs will not work with that trait?
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  • legendarylycan#5411 legendarylycan Member Posts: 37,260 Arc User
    It probably means it doesn't stack with copies of itself - so you can't have 5 players popping it off at the start and everyone gaining a massive boost.​​
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  • pottsey5gpottsey5g Member Posts: 4,115 Arc User
    The trait boosts teammate pets as well as your own.

    Normally you wouldn't want to use it alongside SAD as it will reduce SAD triggers. For most builds its Scatter Volley and FAW with SAD or Rapid Fire and BO for DC trait.
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