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What's your character Backstory?

theraven2378theraven2378 Member Posts: 5,993 Arc User
My toon,

Name: Capt. Jan Radzeksky
Place of Birth: Redacted
Date of birth: Redacted

A cold and calculating soldier of the Terran Empire, defected to the Federation along with his crew of deserters and runaways.
Wanted for treason by the Empire and hunted, these solders of fortune aid the Federation in the fight against the enemies of the Federation.

He's proven a capable officer and was recruited with his crew into Section 31, they will use all necessary means to defeat the enemy and they see it as the ends justify the means in their line of work.
    "The meaning of victory is not to merely defeat your enemy but to destroy him, to completely eradicate him from living memory, to leave no remnant of his endeavours, to crush utterly his achievement and remove from all record his every trace of existence. From that defeat no enemy can ever recover. That is the meaning of victory."
    -Lord Commander Solar Macharius


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      fleetcaptain5#1134 fleetcaptain5 Member Posts: 4,902 Arc User
      The backstory for each of my captains is: they have one. It's usually located between their neck and legs.
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      fleetcaptain5#1134 fleetcaptain5 Member Posts: 4,902 Arc User
      edited July 2023
      More seriously:

      One of my main characters, Mez Owla, is a Voth-ah materials scientist.

      Since I couldn't create a real Voth, I came up with the idea of the Voth influencing all sorts of less advanced cultures and changing their history through adding 'evidence' of ancient contact - as well as placing artifacts among long lost civilisations to create the image of these ancient civilisations mirroring an even older Voth civilisation.

      All of this is done, of course, in order to add substance to the 'original species-theory' or Doctrine, which states that they evolved in the Delta Quadrant and were in fact one of the first species there (and that they didn't come from Earth).

      These species are generally given the same rights in society as regular Voth. They can study at Voth scientific (don't laugh ;) ) institutions, they can get access to Cybernetic implants and can serve as members of their scientific and military expeditions and so on.

      Anyway, Mez Owla is a member of such a species. Somewhere halfway through the 2390's, the Voth had already begun studying many of the Dyson Spheres they had discovered, with one of the goals being the harvesting of Solanae tech, so that hybrid Voth-Solanae technology could be created for the same propaganda reasons as described above. As the scientists began discovering Dyson sphere's and similar structures that were much older than the Voth's presence in the DQ, the Ministry of Elders quickly ended the expeditions, realising that it threatened the credibility of Doctrine too much.

      By then, Mez and some of the other scientists on the expedition ship that was sent to study the Jenolan Sphere, had already left the main vessel in a Palisade ship so that they could continue their studies *. At some point, an accident occurred, which disabled their transwarp- and warp drive, leaving only the ability to make short jumps (that Subspace Fold of the Solanae engine? That's actually Voth technology). As they made contact with the Federation ships studying the Jenolan Sphere, they officially requested asylum, which they were granted in return for helping the Federation develop their own Solanae based technology.

      Mez himself was offered a fast-track course to get familiar with Federation standards and principles, after which he was formally introduced to the Dyson Research Institute and named a fellow there. After supporting some projects that aimed at application of hybrid technologies in regular Starfleet vessels (such as the Corona, the main ship of my Caitian character H'Rahll) for a few years, he switched to working on civil engineering projects.

      With tensions between the UFP and Klingon Empire escalating and the Borg reappearing, Starfleet gave him his own ship, the Baroque (a Star Cruiser, still waiting for the T6) so that he and the teams of specialists could more easily reach colonies that the rest of the fleet didn't have time to visit.
      Defense upgrading became even more important with the Iconian War, so he was officially promoted to captain. Specialist teams were expanded, among other things.

      After the war, and the uprising of Starfleet officers against the Temporal Tyrants ** many captains were promoted or ships' crews broken up to tactically place promising officers elsewhere, either to buff up perforated command structures or to ensure that people loyal to the dominant, anti-time agents faction were placed in positions where they would be most valuable to have. Mez's first officer Ruvak thus got his own command, of the Weytahn (another character I later created). He took most of the crew with him, which meant that Mez's crew was also changed radically.

      At the same time, closer integration between the Federation, Cardassian Union, Klingon Empire and Romulan Republic also meant that new sectors were opened up for expansion and to carry out co-operative exploration missions. In one of these sectors, somehow a fully-operational starbase of Starfleet design was discovered. Placed inside it was a Vengeance class dreadnought. Undine were suspected, especially when it was later retconned to be an Odyssey class dreadnought ( ;) ), but their involvement couldn't be proven. It simply seemed to be a gift from someone, or something (yes, silly, I know - I should work on this).

      The ship, named Nev Garrachi, would become Mez's new command. Before and during the Iconian war, Mez and the Baroque had mostly avoided armed conflicts. As captain of this new ship, he would encounter more threats, one of which was the Synthesisers, a phenomenon that (much) later turned out to be an experiment carried out by a species and then simply recklessly abandoned. The phenomenon (loosely based on the Synthesis scanner from Warframe) scans anything it comes into contact with through sound waves, reducing the original and making a digital copy of it. When a human - or most other species - encounter it, they basically get killed, and the matter of their body recreated.

      Since this post is becoming way too long, I'm not going to tell about even more of my playable characters who are related to this threat - I'd just like to end with describing my latest playable character, which was created two days ago: Synthesised Mez Owla, also known as Synthesised VCI of Mez Owla or Syvocim(mo).
      When Mez encountered the Synthesisers, he was scanned, but his Cybernetic Implant protected him, absorbing and then deflecting the scan and copying itself to outside Mez's body, similar to how Voth warp cores can bounce over pretty large distances.
      A new body was then grown around the implant, which was kept in storage to better study the phenomenon. Eventually it was given sentience as the implant, which contains many of Mez's memories and detailed scans of his brain structure, was instructed to do so.

      I have yet to decide whether the original Mez retains his memories or that he'll basically be a blank slate, while his copied body has the memories of a lifetime that it only physically experienced as an implant that was meant to support the now empty husk... I feel that there is some room for conflict here.

      * The captain of this ship, Wat Teluda, is another character of mine who later defected to the Romulan Republic, as they got stranded as well.

      ** My timeline diverges from STO's main timeline here - some of my other characters heroically defied the hypocritical temporal agents
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      jonsillsjonsills Member Posts: 10,396 Arc User
      Ian Burwell was an ensign in the United Earth Star Fleet, serving aboard SS Icarus (NX-14) during the Earth-Romulan War. The Icarus was ambushed by three Romulan warbirds just outside the protoplanetary disk of Gamma Trianguli, where a hit to the bridge took out the ship's entire command crew. The engineering section was also damaged, but Burwell and the surviving engineering crew managed to rig up controls in what was left of Engineering (the prototype for the secondary or "battle" bridge that would come into common use almost a century later), enabling them to evade and attempt to flee. Unfortunately, the mass Burwell detected on the ship's sensors turned out to be not a rogue planet, but in fact a quantum singularity of sufficient mass that it hadn't entirely decayed since the Big Bang. Hoping to use the "planet" as a shield, he dropped out of warp. His pursuers of course followed suit, resulting in one of them catching the singularity directly in their own power core. The energies of the merger of the two black holes caused a massive disruption in space/time that destroyed two of the Romulan ships, caused the third to retreat, and deposited the Icarus unknowingly into the same point in space but in the year 2408. The Hestia-class cruiser USS Pournelle rescued the remaining twelve survivors, transporting them and their "ancient" ship to Earth Spacedock.

      After clearing a thorough psychological exam, Burwell was enrolled in a rapid-fire commissioning course at Starfleet Academy. On graduation, his cadet cruise aboard USS Hesperia went awry when they were attacked by Borg. Using tactics he'd learned both at the Academy and in his last mission with UESPA, Burwell, who was assigned as cadet first officer due to his previous experience, managed to keep the ship intact, recover the ship's kidnapped captain, and rescue the surviving colonists on Vega IX from an incipient Borg invasion. As the captain of the Hesperia was on medical leave while recovering from his injuries, Burwell was brevetted to Lieutenant and assigned as commanding officer of the ship. He proceeded to distinguish himself across the Klingon front, preserving the Federation until the Second Khitomer Accords were signed at the behest of the nascent Romulan Republic and rising to the rank of Captain. He now commands the Yorktown-class USS Kitty Hawk.
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      spiritbornspiritborn Member Posts: 4,297 Arc User
      I have a vague backstory for my main, she's member of a minor UFP member species (there's 150 member worlds and who knows how many dependencies so there being a UFP member we've at to see in canon Trek isn't that odd), her species are telepathic but vague privacy, so won't read minds without consent.

      Mirwast herself is fairly typical member for her species (apart from being taller then average at 190(ish) cm with average height for that biological body form being 180(ish) cm. Mirwast joined starfleet to become an engineer specializing in warp and subspace tech and applications due the atypical subspace "environment" around her homewold.

      Oh about the her name it's spelled in the eastern order for the typical "public" version of the name so Mirwast Jesia for that version with "Jesia" being her personal name, her full official name is much longer but I've not decided what elements are included in it so I can't show it.

      Also while she's probably only in her 20s or 30s, her species are long lived and will remain relatively youthful looking even past 100 years old.
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      brian334brian334 Member Posts: 2,214 Arc User
      Tarsis began his training as a host candidate with dreams and fables, unlearning them day by day until all that remained was nostalgic romanticism. The assigned field docent found it amusing. The Symbiosis Evaluation Board noted it in his record.

      In the end he was selected for joining.

      Memories that were not his began to form in his mind:

      A warm pool of still water, pulses of thought flowing from the other juveniles.

      A time with the instruction machine pulsing its lesson in ordered arrays of data.

      A realization that there was a world outside the pools, and a budding understanding of its nature.

      Curiosity about the nature of light, matter, and time.

      There were no memories of a previous life, no great revelations about the nature of being trill. His symbiot was a first-timer.

      Tarsis felt cheated. He also felt limited. He resigned his post as a research assistant in the post-graduate studies program and joined Starfleet. He was pretty sure that was the symbiote's idea.
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      jonsillsjonsills Member Posts: 10,396 Arc User
      Tovan Khev, one of the few survivors of the Virinat Massacre, was fleeing the Romulan Imperium in a small craft he'd stolen from the ruins of a starbase of the collapsed Federation of Planets. He chose a risky route through the highly-energetic Azure Nebula, where he encountered a dimensional rift. Seeing this as a perfect escape, he dove into it. He emerged into a universe where the Romulan Imperium had never come to be, and the Romulan Star Empire had collapsed in the wake of a mysterious supernova that managed to wipe out planets in a completely different system. In this universe, Virinat was still holding on, although barely - without a Romulan empire, there was little need for a "breadbasket" world, after all. He landed on his old home, where he went under an assumed name while establishing himself as a local colonist. (It felt very odd, yet somehow very right, to befriend the Tovan Khev native to this reality.)

      Then came the horrible day of the Elachi attack. Tovan found himself fleeing his home all over again. This time, though, his new friend/other self had a plan - one of his other friends had an outdated T'liss-class warbird hidden in a nearby asteroid field. They managed to rescue a fair number of the colonists who'd made it offworld, then were contacted by representatives of the nascent Romulan Republic (a name Tovan was unfamiliar with). The two Tovans joined this new nation, and soon learned that the dimensional rift had somehow attracted a large number of alternate Tovans (and his sister Rinna). The displaced Tovan then made it his mission to gather as many of his alternates as he can find, and recruit them into his crew. In order to attract them, he has named each of his ships after himself each time he upgraded craft - currently, he is commanding RRW Tovan Khev XXXII.
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      fleetcaptain5#1134 fleetcaptain5 Member Posts: 4,902 Arc User
      Ok, with the server down, I decided to scroll through some of my bio's I had saved in Word documents on my computer.
      This one is from a parody character. I won't tell his name, but it should be obvious. It's been replaced with 'Bob' for this post. The name of Admiral Canntell has been redacted too, as the original probably wouldn't get pass the filter anyway.

      Brought into the future from 2020 by remnants of the Romulan Star Empire, the faltering power determined to keep up pretensions of galactic greatness. Upon arrival in the shuttlebay of Earth Space Dock, he was found by a crewmember named Withney ‘out there’ Thea, a lover of early NASA-missions who recorded chroniton anomalies and memory cores from data devices with patterns reminiscient of Tal Shiar time travel technology with her tricorder.

      As he kept mumbling about how intelligent he was and how many words he knew, Withney first considered taking him to the Medbay for some tests. He refused to co-operate however, insisting to first be told the results of this ‘so-called’ test made by one ‘Rex’ and complaining that the data were not accurate anyway. In a mind-boggling twist, he then suddenly suggested that ‘we have the best tests. Best tests. No other country has more… we have the best. And most’.

      Realising that no doctor could or was allowed to retrieve any relevant information from him as long as he was not willing to undergo and co-operate with any efforts to find out what was going on, and with the chroniton particles and Tal Shiar technology in mind, she instead reported the incident to ESD’s chief of security, Jimmy Comedy. As he was busy and asked her to return later, she left the office and returned to the shuttlebay, only to find out that 'Bob' had disappeared.

      Accompanying a renowned captain who was on her way to the office of Admiral Canntell, to share her story, she was struck with disbelief when she found that the Admiral had just granted 'Bob' his own command, specifically the ship of the renowned captain. Details regarding the how and why are rather sketchy since the captain was locked up and Withney was fired, but according to some leaked memo’s, it had something to do with the Tal Shiar device, which supposedly contained leaked communications between the previous captain and the almighty Q – which only the Tal Shiar could intercept of course.
      According to 'Bob' himself, he was given command of the ship after a ‘fair vote, all fair, it was fair’, although Withney maintains to this day that there were actually five people voting for the previous captain, and only two for 'Bob': himself and the man who would briefly serve him as a tactical adviser, Stephkev Buffoon (who is said to secretly hate the Federation because it has extended beyond a single, traditional family). Because the five other voters were more densily concentrated near each other however, their votes were counted as one, to respect the ‘gravityas’ of the decision.

      Vowing to uphold the Federation Charter as he ‘deemed it fit’, 'Bob' then fired Withney, locked up the other captain even though they were of equal rank and threatened to fire the other three people who voted against him – despite the fact that none of them were actually working for him, but for Starfleet and the Federation as a whole. The Admiral was also ‘not sure’ 'Bob' could actually do this, but he knew his new place was that of someone in service to the Camacho-like figure he had just promoted.

      His first decision aboard his new ship, was to rename it from Lily Pond to Oil Lake and to tell the chief engineer to ‘pump it up to ten’ despite the chief’s warning that this sudden jump while still being docked to ESD could overheat the core, destroy the station and leave behind nothing but dust. 'Bob' listened, began sending angry messages over the nearby console but ultimately accepted the chief’s insubordination. As soon as they had cleared the station on 1/4 impulse and left the system, he then fired the chief because, as he explained on his console, ‘someone had to do it, fire things up, make US go again’ – despite the fact that the ship had gone to dozens of systems just fine in the months before and had just returned.

      Hints of several questionable decisions – and lack of decisions – reached Admiral Canntell.
      To this day, his chief engineer has not been replaced, his ship was renamed again to ‘Covfefe’ despite it not having a clear meaning and a stuffed doll named Ivanka appears to be the ship’s chief medical officer, with her ‘husband’ recommending treatments more often than not.
      Although there is plenty of evidence to be found in the rants typed out on his favourite console, a court martial has not had much consequences for 'Bob' because he simply kept the ship away from ESD, to ensure that no crewmembers could answer any questions. The few crewmen who did try to contact Command, have all been locked up in the ship’s brig, which is guarded by someone who is not even sure he is not or perhaps belongs behind bars himself, but who does know that he definitely will be if the ship ever makes it to port.

      Only once did 'Bob' answer a call from another admiral, telling him that everything was just ‘fake news’ and that the admiral should read a different newspaper. When the baffled admiral tried to ask for elaboration, 'Bob' suggested he could stay in space for all eternity, before he closed the channel.

      Despite the worrisome events and situation, some hope that 'Bob' will eventually just stay away as he sends his ship farther out into less explored and more dangerous territory, while others find themselves in the same situation as the guard, while being happy that 'Bob' keeps sending them gifts in the form of dilithium crystals – crystals that are rumoured to have been meant for use in several other ships, but which he claimed as his own because his medical adviser said that it was not meant to be used by other ships, only by the admirals in their offices. It is, like many things, not known how 'Bob' expects to keep paying these crystals, but some believe he has found a way to borrow them from the future – or else he will take them from Boreth. ‘The Klingons will pay for it’ as his last in-text message read.

      [4:46] [Combat {self}] Your Haymaker deals 23337 (9049) Physical Damage(Critical) to Spawnmother

      [3/25 10:41][Combat (Self)]Your Haymaker deals 26187 (10692) Physical Damage(Critical) to Orinoco.

      [6/12 9:59][Combat (Self)]Your Haymaker deals 24097 (13711) Physical Damage(Critical) to Elite Tactical Drone
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      fleetcaptain5#1134 fleetcaptain5 Member Posts: 4,902 Arc User
      My Cardassian toon - not the full bio, just the background. The full thing needs an update anyway, now that I'm reading it.

      Name: Zurak, Yetal
      Species: Cardassian
      Rank: Captain

      Yetal was born in late 2305 on Cardassia Prime. She was the last daughter of parents who lived their early teenage years through the occupation and final bombing by the Dominion. Her older siblings and their parents often had to struggle in the years immediately after the end of the war - although her father was an agricultural specialist and advisor to the government, the general distrust of the population towards it meant that officials were loathe to pay civil servants too well.

      This made her mother's work, the rather more popular job of being an independent journalist documenting war crimes, all that more important to the family's income - which was however still modest on average due to this income source not being a very steady one.

      Although the most serious constraints had been lifted by the time Yetal was born, life was still not easy, not even more than 30 years after the war. With Lakarian City, close by the village where her parents had met each other, still in the process of being rebuilt amidst huge demand for living space, her immediate environment was not the most spacious one. High rising tower blocks stimulated wishes of locals to get out - by any means necessary. The resulting crime, partly as a result of disrespect for authorities too, meant that the neighbourhood was generally unsafe, especially after her older siblings had also left.

      All this meant that Yetal grew up in an environment that encouraged a rather individualist outlook on life. The struggle of her parents, who as a result of neediness nevertheless always kept trying to support the government, meant that she was constantly reminded of how a goverment ought to exists to support its people, who can only support it after they have taken care of themselves, sheltering themselves from possible government failure through building diverse bonds rather than strictly hierarchical structures.

      This, for Cardassian society rather atypical attitude, became her leading principle. When she decided to join the newly opened Starfleet Academy affiliate on Cardassia Prime in 2424, she focussed on courses about fluid construction, self-repairing materials and bio-regenerative armour with the goal of building things to last, yet to be adaptive.
      [4:46] [Combat {self}] Your Haymaker deals 23337 (9049) Physical Damage(Critical) to Spawnmother

      [3/25 10:41][Combat (Self)]Your Haymaker deals 26187 (10692) Physical Damage(Critical) to Orinoco.

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      thunderfoot#5163 thunderfoot Member Posts: 4,540 Arc User
      Separated from his family during the evacuation of Romulus, T'Cael was handed off to the first adult, a retired Centurion, the authorities could find. Who was childless. Neither T'Cael nor T'Saris was satisfied with this arrangement.

      T'Saris was First Engineer aboard a Warbird until an accident left her badly crippled. Unable to serve the Empire in her preferred way, T'Saris deeply resented, "looking after someone else's brat". T'Cael equally disliked the strict discipline and numerous rules T'Saris required him to live under.

      T'Saris began preparing T'Cael for service in the Imperial Fleet. That there was no longer an Imperial Fleet to serve in mattered not at all to her. T'Cael struggled to learn the large amounts of lore and wisdom T'Saris burdened him with. In time, he found the fastest way to do as he wished was to perform the tasks she gave him as quickly and efficiently as he could. Before she died, T'Saris managed to give T'Cael the equivalent of the first two years of the Engineering Scholia at the Imperial War Academy.

      T'Cael has one very old hologram of his family. He will not give up the thought he will find them someday. This search has so far resulted in one bitter disappointment after another. He keeps all this to himself. But he cannot give up looking for them.

      Seeing at first hand the things which the Tal Shiar and Empress Sela did to retain power, T'Cael committed wholeheartedly to the Republic. Since the Republic's enemies have no scruples or honor, T'Cael gives them no quarter. He feels strongly the Republic can only be made safe with their death.

      All is not hardship and bitterness in T'Cael's life out in the Greater Dark. He has many friends in and around the Klingon Empire. His reputation assures him of respect from Starfleet as well. This has expanded the resources available to him for the continuing search for his family.

      The speed with which the Klingon Empire collapsed into civil war troubled T'Cael. He argued it was an internal affair which was none of the Republic's business. The Senate and the Admiralty assigned him tasks supporting J'Ula's faction anyway. T'Cael's sense of duty bound him to perform these tasks efficiently and well. But putting his crew and ship at risk saving the Klingon Empire from itself, with no corresponding benefit to the Republic, angered him.

      T'Cael views Terran Empire incursions into the 'Prime' Universe as a threat to the fragile security of the Republic. As if the Mon'Keigh weren't bad enough already, now there is a new head of the hydra which is both amoral and relentless. T'Cael uses all of his skills and experience to stop Terran Imperials wherever they appear.

      Recently, High Command assigned a wreck of a starship to T'Cael. His instructions were, "Do what you can with this one. We need every possible hull we can get to prevent the Mirror Universe's Mon'Keigh from killing us all." The ship is a Mirror Universe Gagarin class battlecruiser. Her scorched hull and damaged systems indicate she did not, 'cross over' without a fight. T'Cael has patched her up as best he can and the ship daily tests his experience and expertise. In an attempt to use the Mon'Keigh's sense of humor against them, T'Cael has renamed the ship I.S.S. Burn Notice.
      A six year old boy and his starship. Living the dream.
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      fleetcaptain5#1134 fleetcaptain5 Member Posts: 4,902 Arc User
      Name: Vterotesh ch' Sihreva ('Tesh')
      Species: Andorian
      Function: martial arts specialist / instructor / security advisor

      Tesh comes from a family that is heavily involved in the activities of the Weytahn Advanced Physics Weaponisation Institute (WAPWI). Three of his parents were employed there, while the fourth was, for a brief time, an instructor for the Andorian Imperial Guard, before he returned to the martial arts school owned by the family that has taught the relatively new style of Ishinanandorya (1).

      Tesh himself has been taught the way of the Ishinanandorya since he was young enough to understand the physical laws that underscore these techniques.

      He decided to set up his own school in the Andorian capital of Laika when he was 22 and deemed old enough to set out his own future, after having become a true master of the style.

      As Starfleet and Federation intelligence services became more interested in weapons that could be created by modifying air and water while leaving no usable traces, he began training more and more personnel of those services. As he realised that the different environments these people would fight in required different calculations, gear and understanding of the situations they found themselves in, he requested to become part of an exchange program that would see him work on several starships.

      Thus he came to work near the former Romulan Neutral Zone aboard the USS Sterrenwand, a ship that visited the challenging desert world of Nimbus and - when Starfleet and the Task Force Operations realised the benefit of being able to manipulate the environment and do so repeatedly to overcome adaptation - on Defera as it was overrun by the Borg.

      With the onset of the Iconian War, which meant less time for preparation and fighting in more closed areas and less natural environments, he returned to Andoria and used what he had learned to further develop his training programs.

      When the galaxy became a safer place, his assignments were limited to providing direct support, like when a mining colony was attacked by the Na'kuhl and requests from small colonies with limited defense capabilities as well as the odd agricultural enterpreneur.

      As his techniques became more widely known and were shared with hi-tech organisations such as Starfleet, his personal input - like that of so many others - was increasingly less needed. He thus returned to a more personal approach, getting involved more with people who were interested in the technique for recreational and sports-related purposes.

      Additional info:

      Tesh was born on the terraformed world Weytahn, a colony fully dependent on its planetary monitoring systems. Due to its precarious situation, inhabitants who are born there tend to grow up with the idea that effects on the environment ought to be central to every consideration - but at the same time, technology can very powerfully manipulate the environment as long as such manipulations respect the limitations posed by the requirements of life - or not, in the case of weaponisation and intended negative side effects.

      This ambivalent - or, to outsiders, sometimes even paradoxical - outlook has generally led those who join the security forces to specialise in tactics that utilise the environment in precise and calculated ways. But no less lethal when required, to minimise the risk of the rather belligerent but also quite vulnerable Andorians.

      In fact, the Weytahn Advanced Physics Weaponisation Institute is generally seen as having played an integral role in developing the scientific models required for controlling the effects of many of these weapons, as well as the exothermic induction field used throughout Starfleet and other Federation organisations.

      This provided the background for the development of the Ishinanandorya.

      (1) Ishinanandorya literally means 'prominent way of weaponising [or ordering to weaponise) the world'.
      From Ishinan (= command to open fire) + andor (= world) + ya (= suffix to indicate prominence)

      The Ishinanandorya is a relatively new fighting style that Tesh's family was instrumental in creating centuries ago (as opposed to styles and rituals like Ushaan-tor, which were created millennia ago), as it followed the harmonious nature-technology philosophy of the terraformed world he was born on.

      Contrary to most Andorian (ritual) fighting techniques, it is built around a profound understanding of the laws of physics and heavily grounded in mathematical application of its concepts.

      (Or, in the game's terms: he's an Andorian with a cryomancer build. ;) )
      [4:46] [Combat {self}] Your Haymaker deals 23337 (9049) Physical Damage(Critical) to Spawnmother

      [3/25 10:41][Combat (Self)]Your Haymaker deals 26187 (10692) Physical Damage(Critical) to Orinoco.

      [6/12 9:59][Combat (Self)]Your Haymaker deals 24097 (13711) Physical Damage(Critical) to Elite Tactical Drone
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      jonsillsjonsills Member Posts: 10,396 Arc User
      "Kehel". It's the only name she's ever known - her Reman mother used it as a curse, and she never did learn which of the Romulan soldiers at the camp outside the mine had forced himself on her mother. The little half-Reman, half-Romulan girl endured the scorn of the Imperials, and abuse from the Reman miners, until the day she managed to escape. She and a few others stole an old, unregarded warbird, surplus from an old war, and ran to the stars.

      Kehel and her ragtag crew began to build a reputation in the outer reaches of the Romulan Star Empire as privateers, specializing in attacking Imperial outposts and shipping, sparing civilians wherever possible. Her outdated T'liss, the Susse-Thrai, was upgraded several times with black-market weapons and a new singularity core obtained from a more modern craft, and she raided Romulan targets with ever-increasing efficiency. She shed no tears when the Hobus Supernova eliminated the twin worlds of ch'Rihan and ch'Havran; all the people she cared about were aboard her ship anyway. It just made it easier to trade with some of the outlying worlds, now that the various rump states were fighting each other over the remains of the Empire. One of her favorite ports was the farming world of Virinat, formerly Breadbasket of the Empire, in part because their leaders weren't averse to a bit of illicit trade in exchange for ship parts or Klingon darseks, and in part because of her dalliance with a handsome young farmer named Tovan. She happened to be in port, sadly, on that fateful day when the Elachi attacked the colony. At Tovan's urging, she used the Susse-Thrai to save as many of the colonists as possible - until a Romulan D'Deridex, under the command of Col. Hakeev of the Tal'Shiar, appeared in front of her ship. Fortunately, Hakeev turned out to be the sort who loves his own voice, and lives to deliver monologues about his plans, as this meant that Kehel was in the end saved by the appearance of a ship belonging to the nascent Romulan Republic. The two of them together managed to drive Hakeev's ship off, and cost him an eye, before confronting an Elachi cruiser. In the end, the privateer and the Republic ship managed to escape, and Kehel accepted the offer of an escort to the flotilla that served as a "homeworld" for the Republic (if only so she could offload the survivors).

      Arriving at the flotilla, Kehel was made an offer by the Republic admiral Kererek - he would employ her and her crew in the cause of securing a future for the Republic. His offer was generous - enough money to purchase a new ship, official sanction of their activities, plunder from any ships of the Romulan Star Empire that they defeated, and revenge against Hakeev. Kehel purchased an old Denorios-class Bajoran interceptor on the open market, then upgraded the wing cannon and warp core. She christened her new ship Nei'rrh, after a small carnivorous bird once native to ch'Rihan before its destruction, accepted Tovan as her new first officer, and set about following D'tan's orders - more or less.

      Then came the day she was captured by the Tal'Shiar and transferred to their "retraining" facility. They did their best to break her mind and remold her as a faithful servant of the Empire, but like so many of the Imperial Race, they underestimated the "little half-breed". With the aid of one of D'tan's spies, Kehel was able to set a number of minor disasters in operation, distract the crew of the station, and escape to where the Nei'rrh was waiting (having tracked her down while she was missing). Kehel took particular delight in destroying the station and scrapping most of its defense fleet, although annoyingly Hakeev managed to escape her wrath.

      After this, Kehel was firmly in support of the Republic, if only because its very existence was a slap at the Empire. Her crew still worked for money - but what drove Kehel from then on was her thirst for vengeance. It was finally slaked - somewhat - at Brea III, when she was able at last to put a blaster bolt through Hakeev's skull, but she would not rest until the last remnants of the Romulan Star Empire, the bane of her existence since her accursed birth, were finally dismantled.

      Since then Kehel has risen through the ranks of the Republic fleet, most recently taking command of one of the new Alliance's Jarok-class carriers, the Freelance.
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