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๐Ÿ–– LOWER DECKS Season-1 Discussion ๐Ÿ––



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    shadowfirefly00shadowfirefly00 Member Posts: 1,026 Arc User
    Something I learned about the 7th episode of this season...
    Based on this image featured in this Reddit thread, it might be interesting to see the Hysperian ship 'family' represented in STO (perhaps as a series of summer/winter event ships; the image is of their Monaveen-class). In terms of coloration, it appears you have the base hull (the 'diamond' patterning), the nacelles and pylons (two-tone), and finally the accents (the 'metallic' decorations on the main hull, and the nacelles 'noses'). An alternative would be a vanity shield.

    Interesting tidbit: the Monaveen-class' bridge has coincidental similarities to that used by its Na'kuhl counterparts (featured in 'The Temporal Front').
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    brian334brian334 Member Posts: 2,214 Arc User
    I was prepared to be underwhelmed, so Lower Decks surpassed my expectations. I personally found it overall to be much better, both as a stand-alone series and as a part of the franchise, to Discovery. And so far it appears to have avoided the new Trek compulsion to rewrite history.

    (This last is my biggest issue with new Trek. The old writers didn't 'get it wrong' and it doesn't need to 'be fixed.' And most of the 'fixes' create new problems that really do need fixing.)

    Am I the only one that sees the development of a command cadre in this series? Sooner or later there is going to be a new ship with Captain Mariner, First Officer Boiler, Chief Engineer Rutherford, Chief Medical Officer Tendi, and Science Officer T'Lenn. Maybe Jet or towel guy will be security.

    If this ship is a scout or courier, it could be done with Mariner as Lieutenant or LtCmdr, and the rest as JG's. It would absolutely need a Pakled Weapons Officer.

    Of course, that will have to be the series finale. But the seeds are there.

    Oh, I'm writing the finale now! Thirty years from now Admiral Boiler and the surviving crew meet at the super-secret party and reminisce about the old days. The final scene is a toast to Mariner who is present as a Force Ghost only T'Lenn can see.
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    psiameesepsiameese Member Posts: 1,648 Arc User
    edited October 2023
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