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The Best Part of the Job

brian334brian334 Member Posts: 2,214 Arc User
For a joined Trill whose symbiot had no previous lifetimes, memory was sometimes a strange thing. It seemed he spent a lot of his down time organizing and collating his memories, especially at times like these.

Mirra had been with him since the Borg attack on Vega. One of the survivors, the Andorian had been a handful. Other captains had advised him to replace her as he moved up, but she was not only a vastly underated tactical officer, she was a very capable First Officer.

She was also a short-tempered Andorian whose first instinct was to hit something. It was a useful trait, back when it seemed half the galaxy wanted them dead.

Thalys had come to join them during the Elachi crisis. Tlashi, she called him. The Andorian equivalent of the Earth monkey or the Trill auverger: an evolutionary branch of the respective worlds' tree of life upon which the dominant species had grown.

Tlashies had a natural curiosity that led them to disassemble mechanical devices, and Thalys had a knack for working with mechanical devices. Perhaps that's what lead to his ability to work with Mirra: she was a broken device he was determined to fix.

She had to settle for a department head position when Ardri came into their circle. His acceptance of the command of the USS Titania, a Luna class science vessel, was contingent on accepting her as his Number One. Apparently, Command decided Mirra's lack of a n advanced degree in scientific studies disqualified her.

Ardri had proven to be a good first officer, an exceptional astrophysicist, and his mother's ideal choice for the mother of her grandchildren. This last in spite of their lack of any romantic attraction.

He could see things from his mother's point of view, if he tried. She was an attractive Trill who had no interest in joining, and having met Ardri, the two had become good friends who corresponded regularly. And she was one of the few Trill with whom Tanis regularly interacted.

It was yet another disappointment to his mother. She would have much rathered a role reversal in today's ceremony.

Andorian weddings require four participants: the bride and groom, the official, and the honor guard. As honor guard, it was his role to kill anyone who objected to the wedding of his two friends. He smiled, placed a hand on the ceremonial blade, and waited.

A good percentage of the crew was present, and in Andorian style, they parted to allow the betrothed to pass. The two approached Admiral Hartha. Tanis took his place behind them, facing the crowd, as the old Andorian began.

"Since Time Immemorial, it has been the happy duty of ship commanders to join those who come before him with love and commitment in their hearts in the bonds of matrimony. I see before me two such lovers. Are there any present who would show cause that these two should not be so joined?"

Tanis mock-glared at the crowd of smiling faces. None dared to challenge.

"I hold here a shard of the glacial sea from which Andorians arose, a connection to our shared past, and a declaration of our shared continuity. From the salt-seas we came, and wherever we go we carry it with us.

"Is it your wish to commit yourselves to this greatest purpose?"

"Yes," Mirra and Tlashi said together.

A rap and metallic ring of the Admiral's ushaan signified the breaking of the chip of Andorian salt-ice.

"Then share the ice from which our ancestors sprang, two halves of the same shard, divided forever, yet brought together as one through your love and your vows."

He heard the ice chips crunch as the betrothed chewed. Ice that cold would blister in a Trill's mouth, and the salts it contained would be mildly toxic.

"Now you will recite your vows."

"I, Eedi, set aside my past and commit myself to our future. I vow to hold your honor as my own, to defend you against all, to share in your best and your worst moments. For the rest of your life, you are not alone."

"I, Thalys, set aside my past and commit myself to our future. I vow to hold your honor as my own, andto share your sorrows and your joys. For the rest of your life, you are not alone."

"Thalys Livoyt and Eedi Mirra, you have been joined in the eyes of our ancestors and descendants. Go forth together as Thalys and Eedi Mirra, bound as one by Oath and Ice, and bring honor to yourselves and your clans."

"It is done!" Tanis shouted holding his borrowed ushaan high, and many in the crowd echoed his cheer.

The wedding party lasted most of the night, but Tanis managed to get a rare moment alone with Mirra.

"I'm going to miss you. But the Broadsword is going to be a great ship with you as her captain."

"We have come a long way together," she said. "I will always be a subspace call away."

Later, as he watched the USS Dyrnkan warp away, memory had its way again. Sitting in the comfortably upholstered conn of the Titania, he remembered every lump and tear in command chair of the old, battle-damaged Centaur-class Falcon.

"Orders, sir?" His new first officer asked.

"Take us back about nine years," he said.


"Nothing. I'm just remembering. Nine years, six weeks, and a few days ago. Anyway,"

He shook off the claws of his regrets.

"You have our destination plotted. Let's go."


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