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Crashing Issue on Console, Game is Still Locked



  • pavel#9263 pavel Member Posts: 42 Arc User
    I’ve encountered another bug where whenever I want to increase my ship speed, it automatically throws me into full impulse

    Not sure if this has been mentioned, but similarly, I seem to have a curious feature with only with a new ship I purchased (Gagarin). Once I enter transwarp speeds, I'm unable to disengage until it naturally expires. And I'm pretty sure it's lasting far longer than my build has any right to boast. I'm not saying that this is necessarily a bad bug LOL, but figured it ought to be reported to augment bug reports about ship speeds
  • devastator9965#6255 devastator9965 Member Posts: 8 Arc User
    Did anybody get the free elite captain training token this week
  • richardewirichardewi Member Posts: 42 Arc User
    Nope, I don't think it was available when I last logged in on Monday night. I'll try again later on today.
  • stl024stl024 Member Posts: 7 Arc User
    I didn't mention this before but the 12th anniversary bundle didn't show up in the zen store
  • blackwinghaseo01#8510 blackwinghaseo01 Member Posts: 33 Arc User
    that's tomorrow
  • orangenee#2931 orangenee Member Posts: 837 Arc User
    The bundle comes out on the 24th, today is the 23rd.

    I'll add Universal endeavour isn't counting, I hate assault on terrok nor and I've had to repeat it three times and it still didn't count. So my mood is not great.

    So we can add that to the 15000 other bugs introduced last week.
  • blackwinghaseo01#8510 blackwinghaseo01 Member Posts: 33 Arc User
    edited March 24
    shard maintenance tomorrow, please be a fix
    Edit: finally a fix, this storm is going to hopefully blow over.
    Edit 2: so close, unfortunately the torpedos in Red Shift are still bugged.
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  • pavel#9263 pavel Member Posts: 42 Arc User
    Hmm, still crashing and freezing. Not as often as a few weeks ago, but twice today the game froze while loading into a TFO. By the time I got the game rebooted, I had missed the TFO and was penalized for being AFK. As I've said before, my Xbox One has certainly seen better days, but I don't have these problems with other games I play (admittedly, that's a small sample pool). I have to hard reset my Xbox a couple of times per day for this game. I'm not trying to troll, just hoping for suggestions to minimize freezing and crashing. Has the game been converted to work more for new gen consoles?
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