Unable to buyout the battle for qonos in the event tab

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As directed by support I'm posting this here. When attempting to buyout the battle for qonos from the event tab it opens the buyout pane, but instead of displaying a price next to the zen symbol it simply says "free". Clicking this seems to have no effect and my event campaign 3 progress is not completed. I completed all other events. I restarted the game multiple times, and tried using an alternate character to buy the event out. Unfortunately this did not fix my issues. I also had no luck when I tried installing the game on my laptop and attempting to buy the event out on it.


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    I believe the Buyout is only possible during the Event itself. However, there should be a 'Second Chance' thingy somewhere allowing you to do the same but I believe you need to have some progress in the event itself to be able to do so.

    Looking back over past patch notes, this seems to be when the Second Chance was introduced:
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    Ah, would seem I am out of luck then. Thanks.