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"Narrow" Uniforms

aerojam#5421 aerojam Member Posts: 22 Arc User
Hi everyone!

Yesterday I submitted a ticket about a matter of STO uniforms I have noticed, and I want to share it with you all:

When we make a character to wear, for example, the TNG Film uniform, the arms go a little thiner than the bare case, and both torso and shoulders look narrower; this also happens with Sierra and Odyssey jackets, Discovery ones and others, possibly this is happening with most of uniforms in all factions; with the TNG skant the arms look quite thiner.

We have a character with a "bare" body, and there are certain dimensions of arms and torso have for that bare body, and if the character wear something, it should make that dimensions to seem little greater, not the other way, just common sense; so those "contractions" of the character should not be happening.

I have made ​screenshots of several uniforms, this is the link to download them:

The Terran one is the bare case, and without a better unit of lenght, I have used pixels (lol) to meassure shoulder width and arms "diameter", some uniforms cause the "contractions" and others does not, and we can notice the effect is greater in female characters. TOS ones seem to be the most respectful with bare dimensions, and obviously, with the ST-Picard uniform shoulders look wider. There are no screenshots for lower items, but it happens with them too, and specially for female characters too; the Iconinan resistance suit and Discovery lower are quite noticeable cases.

You all can check this out yourselves and see what happens.

I don't know how relevant may this be to developers, but would be great if they fixed that.

That's it for now, so thanks for your time and attention, greetings!


  • gaevsmangaevsman Member Posts: 3,184 Arc User
    The TNG and older uniformes where made almost 10 years ago, so they are showing their age, from what i know, cryptic is trying to update models and uniforms, but havent revamped the old ones.. the new ones have way more detail that those. But still, havent revamped the body models yet.
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  • faelon#8433 faelon Member Posts: 358 Arc User
    There are a few other bits of body weirdness that happens between certain uniforms. Zip through the Mirror Uniforms on a female character and watch how the Belly Button moves up and down by about a hand's width between the sleeved and sleevless uniforms.
  • aerojam#5421 aerojam Member Posts: 22 Arc User
    gaevsman wrote: »
    ...But still, havent revamped the body models yet.
    There are a few other bits of body weirdness that happens between certain uniforms...

    I hope they revamp all those things. It's already time...
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