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throwing my dilex solution into the ring

Here is my idea for fixing the Dilex situation.

So we need a dil sink that is both effective, rewarding, and ongoing, yes? Well here is the solution. Event Buyouts.

Yes, you read that right. Convert Event Buyouts to dilithium, instead of Zen or Lobi. Now of course we're not talking some lowball amount like 50k. or something. We're talking millions of dil to buyout an event and get the grand prize.

Why this could work:

- Events happen so frequently. I mean they are constantly happening throughout the year. So this is a dil sink that would always be around. So you'd constantly be having people sink their dil into event buyouts constantly.

- this would encourage people to buy Zen to sell for dil, for the buyout. Great, people are buying zen, demand for dil skyrockets, prices come down. the dilithium exchange starts to recover.

- Its rewarding. Events reward cool weapons, pets, and sometimes ships (etc). You could even add other things to event rewards like costumes and other high demand items like rare weapons or even consoles. (would could also reduce prices on the credit exchange)

- people who don't have the dil amounts needed to buyout the event would be encouraged to collect dil and then sink it on an event. and people who don't have obscene amounts of dil, would be more willing to participate in the events.

There is one downside:

- early on, those who already have obscene amounts of dil would get some event stuff really easily at first. This would require the devs doing the necessary math on how much dil an event buyout should cost. it would be an investment of time. and an acceptance by the community that some dil hoarders will have stuff before everyone else does.

But eventually, they would empty their stores and be back to collecting (again, raising the demand and value of dil again)

So yeah, thats my idea. and its the best thing i could come up with.​​


  • tom61stotom61sto Member Posts: 3,512 Arc User
    Unforunately, the devs have cited your downside as why they're not doing stuff such as that. They are extremely unwilling to take that potential short-term loss.
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