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Procured Holo Enterprise Crew not showing up on ANY bridge.

vorwodavorwoda Member Posts: 694 Arc User
I just bought the Procured Holo Enterprise Crew from Mudd's Market (at discount, thank the Great Bird!) They work as advertised on ground, but do not show up on any bridge. Living officers of various races will, but these expensive holograms won't. Not even on the 23c TOS Connie bridge (also a C-Store purchase, by the way, from the 23c Bundle).

I understand that bridgework is not a DEV priority, but these are both C Store purchases, not freebies.

I have tried using them on 23c and 25c Feds, skipping and not skipping the Tutorial, checking out the bridge right away, or waiting until a char was Level 11 and had access to the DOFF Menu (for Department Head assignment) before visiting any bridge, and no joy. I have tried save loadout, multiple ground map changes between visits, multiple sector/system space changes between visits, DOFF Department Head reassignments, Ship Station and Away Team reassignments. These holograms will not take their places on the bridge, though anyone else will.

Thanks in advance for any help.


  • inferiorityinferiority Member Posts: 3,990 Arc User
    My guesses here would have been to assign them to Department Heads and your active Away Team, but you've already pre-empted me on this.
    Do they show up alright on your character selection screen if set to the Away Team?
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  • vorwodavorwoda Member Posts: 694 Arc User
    Yep, they even show up fine on the character selection screen. They can be assigned to bridge stations, and Away Teams, and as DOFF Department Heads, and they function well in all those respects. They just don't show up when I visit ship's bridges, while non-hologram officers do.

    All present and correct everywhere except ON the actual bridge. And I really wanted to see them there, especially on the TOS Connie bridge. In fact, that was one of my main reasons for getting them. Aside from general TOS completionism. :)

    Thanks you for trying, and for reminding me that I should have mentioned that the character selection screen DOES work with them!
  • vorwodavorwoda Member Posts: 694 Arc User
    Sent an in-game bug report referencing this thread. Hoping this helps the Devs find it.
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