Sometimes space station skills cant be assigned

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I set up this ship to level mastery. When I assign the boff Ethan the skills remain empty. I can only modify the first ability but I should be able to modify three. Relogging, switching ships doesnt help.

A combination of reloading default abilites, randomly clicking on the empty slots, selecting random abilities for the slots that show up sometimes fixes this.


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    ive found that once you choose the boff, it may be empty for a cpl map xfers. and/or about 5 to 10 mins. it then either fills with the xfers or the time.

  • westmetals
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    Generally I find that if you go to that BOFF's skills screen, and make a change to their default skills, then go back to stations screen and click "reload default", that will fix the problem.

    Making a change is necessary, otherwise it does not always work.
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    Damn, I did a double0take there - this boff almost has my real name on him!!!
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    Everyone has a better name and Youtube Channel than me...  :/
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    Then you are almost part of the crew :wink:
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    Igenerally just go to thier skills, change nothing, and return, then hit default and that normally works at least for me.

    As I said, "does not always work" It usually does, the way you described, but I have seen some failures when no changes were made.