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Modern dill farming?

aftulusaftulus Member Posts: 667 Arc User
What is the best way to get full dill(8k atm.) and build it past what it needs before having a massively overpowered ship that can kill any missions as fast as possible?

I'm currently trying to do boff/dill and to a lesser extent Admiralty(the lack of automation is annoying). I'm trying to focus on non combat atm. I've found combat is twice as long as non combat methods. But it's still tedious over 16 characters. I can't imagine more.

Is there a way to get the 8k without having to do the tier 6 hourlies and the mark farming that goes with it?

I currently sit characters in the space zone in the dyson sphere to farm the 500 dil missions along with the normal 500 colony, 250 mining, and other 50 dil doff mission. And if I can get myself to do them, admiralty. Is there a way to get the doff missions to crit enough to get over 8000? I'm currently working on this but I have mostly whites/greens atm and I don't have focused doffs. Let alone if it's possible to get a full set of green attributes for these missions.

The doff dil mission normally revolve around, resolve, shroud, and telekinesis. The latter two being harder to find or more expensive on average. Is there a set of doffs that can make these go smoothly. It need to crit as much as possible as there seems to be a 20 hour or more invisible timer before these pop up again. I'm not entirely sure how much this can be maximized exactly.

There is also running the 2k+ from contraband, but I it takes too much time to move around each character.

FYI, I'm returning character so most of my stuff is from when tier 5 rep was max. So, I need to get my dill up to get ships capable of comfortably farming to not need to do all of this. But It will take me like a year to get my account caught up by the looks of it. And it will take a lot of expensive ships/packs to get what I want.


  • leemwatsonleemwatson Member Posts: 4,523 Arc User
    Doing Random Adv TFO's is typically the fastest way, with Admiralty for me. It won't take more than 3 months from having zilch to have a toon that can comfortably do everything, two weeks with established accounts, less than a week if you have established Recruit toons on that account. I can get a capable toon to reasonable spec within 12 hours, yes, even without Rep skills and gear. All you need is MKXV gear, and it doesn't have to be Epic. It's easily achieveable.
    "You don't want to patrol!? You don't want to escort!? You don't want to defend the Federation's Starbases!? Then why are you flying my Starships!? If you were a Klingon you'd be killed on the spot, but lucky for you.....you WERE in Starfleet. Let's see how New Zealand Penal Colony suits you." Adm A. Necheyev.
  • garaffegaraffe Member Posts: 1,165 Arc User
    I am perfectly comfortable doing most endgame content with mk12 rep and mission reward gear. I just upgrade as I get the dil for Phoenix boxes, no farming needed.
  • westmetalswestmetals Member Posts: 7,508 Arc User
    edited November 2021
    A mixture of admiralty (focus on ferengi and klingon), DOFFing (including security officer contraband), and random TFO's works for me. No need for mining.

    If your fleet is high enough rank, you can leave your character parked in the Dyson Battlezone and use your transwarp to fleet starbase to do the contraband (there's a security officer on the tac level in the corner of the shipyard room).

    Also... WHILE you are levelling up your reps, if you can manage to do the dailies in all 13 at once, that's about half your dilithium quota right there.
  • kaosbainkaosbain Member Posts: 74 Arc User
    I get average 8K a day per toon only doing doffs/admiralty. Every 10 days you get the bonus dil via admiralty which is what makes it average 8k. Some days I get 12k some days only 5k, it all averages out for me. I also found doing kdf easier to grind dil because it's easier to get contraband, and turning in prisoners for dil.
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