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Potential Easy Win QoL Update for STO

I remember Borticus was asking for potential Easy Wins for STO updates, so I figured I would toss this idea out.

With the update for the new EV Suit slot (love this feature) came the automatic changing of the character model to the EV suit character model.

This is fine and dandy... except for when you are wearing full helmeted body costume armors that really should be their own EV Suits.

Like for Instance:
  • MACO
  • Omega Force
  • Klingon Honor Guard Armor
  • Counter Command Exo Armor
  • Bamma Armor
  • Red Angel Suit
  • DSC Burnham's EV Suit
  • Temporal Battlesuit
  • Terran Resistance Armor
  • Breen Armor
  • Gamma Armor

It would be nice if there was an ability for the player to toggle on a functionality of the EV Suit script to verify whether or not the character is currently wearing a full helmeted version of one of these costume armors.

That way the player can use their current EV Suit visuals without having to swap over to a new visual the second they beam into a map requiring an EV suit.

Like for instance the Breen Armor. Which had already been established to be a EV Suit when it first appeared in DS9.

Anyways, hope this is helpful.


  • naabal421#0722 naabal421 Member Posts: 162 Arc User
    I would like to see these armors become EV suits as well, but I think they would have to make separate EV versions of these suits to get that to work.
  • illustriousqillustriousq Member Posts: 37 Arc User
    I don't mean making them EV suits. I mean having the EV System check to see if the player is already wearing the customizable costume versions of these armors.

    So that the player doesn't have to change their costume for a pre built character model.
  • garaffegaraffe Member Posts: 1,353 Arc User
    Are you talking about the player character's costume or equipped armor?
  • spiritbornspiritborn Member Posts: 3,655 Arc User
    I suspect this is a case of "not as simple as you think". Without knowing how things are programmed beneath the hood so to speak it is really not possible to say how simple this would be and if it could cause unintended issues elsewhere.

    I suspect they'll just make EV suit versions of those armors, well except for the DSC CQC armor as it already has an EV suit version also what's bamma armor, never heard of it.
  • aftulusaftulus Member Posts: 668 Arc User
    The kentari armor should also be an EV suit potentially.

    You could simply make them fill in both slots and give them the basic abilities plus visuals for the helmets. Then they fill in both slots and you don't need an extra one.
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