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Give us choices in quests that matter and effect the universe.

I would have never sided with those 2 klingon women against Jjmpock my character had knew him for years and i didn't like them as characters i would have totally sided with the other side in the klingon civil war Would have loved to take Gowrons Ancestor to the underworld with martock and freed Gowron so He could have Ruled again. Also Ackar is a more likeable character and it isn't like both sides used the Elachi. The only choice that really matters in this game is Klingon alligned or federation I like tht i can use ships of both sides but I would like to be able to play a character that isn't always making the moral choices that federation officers would make. Loved Grethor and the Haloween missions though.


  • westmetalswestmetals Member Posts: 7,532 Arc User
    edited November 2021
    The problem there is that in many cases, later missions assume what happened in earlier missions.

    For example... if, theoretically, you were to refuse to accept Neth Parr's surrender and cooperation in "Scylla and Charybdis", and instead killed them, then that decision destroys the entire basis for "The Renegade's Regret".

    Conversely, if you were to follow a more strict interpretation of the Prime Directive, and thus refuse to assist the Talaxians, Turei, and Kobali, those decisions would wipe out the reasoning behind about half (or more) of the Delta Quadrant storyline. Maybe more, as those are the things that bring you into conflict with the Vaadwaur....

    And how about "Keep the Tox Uthat and sell it to the Ferengi!" Instead of burying it on past-Risa... congrats, you just broke a time loop.
  • legendarylycan#5411 legendarylycan Member Posts: 36,859 Arc User
    Well, not as actual story choices, but it would make for an interesting stand-alone mission that was solely about the Krenim letting the player play around with their temporal holodeck, letting them play out what would happen if they DID choose to do something different with moments in their past - even though all it would ultimately end up being is an object lesson WHY those events had to happen the way they did.

    I mean, we already saw one such event play out - if J'mpok had been allowed to do as he pleased, the ultimate consequence of that action was Qo'nos destroyed.​​
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  • spiritbornspiritborn Member Posts: 3,419 Arc User
    Issue with branching storylines is that like westmetals said it would have consequences to the later storylines, with a the end result being that galaxy for player A might look nothing like the galaxy for player B this not only need something like 100 storylines per each storyline written atm (and even that number is a low estimate) to account for all the possible choices it would also split the player base like there's no tomorrow. There's a reason why pretty much all MMORPGs have fairly linear storyline with pretty much no player choice, it's simply not worth the effort.

    If you want player choice play a single player RPG.
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