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Strange graphical issue in SPHERE OF INFLUENCE

borgus1122borgus1122 Member Posts: 232 Arc User
One of my endeavours was to harvest ground materials. So I decided to do it by starting SPHERE OF INFLUENCE. And as soon as I beamed down to start location EVERYTHING was wrong. I have never had this kind of graphical problem before. I thought it was something wrong with bloom, so I turned it off and everything was the same just less bloomish. And this is only happening in Sphere of influence. I tried even to restart the mission, but problem was still there (I tried 3 times). As I said, only in this mission I have this problem.Here's the screenshot of problem:


  • kaithan1975kaithan1975 Member Posts: 891 Arc User
    This was supposedly fixed on 11/9, I guess not. Turning off Lighting 2.0 gets rid of this.
  • goroshinorigoroshinori Member Posts: 15 Arc User
    Ran into the same issue last night while running "The Power Source" and "Secrets of the Ancients". Same in game area as "Sphere of Influence" just before they repaired the gate. Mobile GTX 1050ti with latest drivers on Win 11.
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