Inventory Recycle Bin

Quality of Life Improvement: Creation of a Recycle Tab on Inventory Screen

Send Items to the Recycle Tab via a Recycle Bin Icon located above Buy More Slots in the Inventory Tab.

Features of the Recycle Tab:
SALVAGE ALL - Salvage all items that can be salvaged
DISCARD ALL - Discards all items for available EC.


  • sthe91
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    edited October 2021
    I support the addition of Discard All. We already have a recycle tab of sorts and that is the Retrieve tab which could be renamed to Recycle. I really do not want them to tweak the inventory tab again since it got bugged when they did.

    Edit: I forgot we had Salvage All under the Salvage tab which is under Re-Engineering. Oops.
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  • whiteknight1x
    whiteknight1x Member Posts: 122 Arc User
    I was just going to suggest something like this. I was thinking about having Salvage Tab.
  • whiteknight1x
    whiteknight1x Member Posts: 122 Arc User
    I just found out there nis such a feature. They barely mention it in a thread and it's not even in the wiki.