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Discovery faction warp FX are gone

zorel#5360 zorel Member Posts: 10 Arc User
My Disco character's warp effects are gone, when I warp into a system I just sorta appear with no animation and when leaving a system the game just goes to a loading screen instead of playing the warp animation.

This is new and is NOT the "slowly fly away" warp out bug


  • zorel#5360 zorel Member Posts: 10 Arc User
    and I want to add that this is PC only, I just tested it on Xbox and the Discovery faction warp animation works fine(as October 15 anyway) if that helps any
  • prkl8prkl8 Member Posts: 4 Arc User
    I have the same issue. Seems to only effect Discovery captains. All other captains seem to still have their warp effects.
  • jameswilliejameswillie Member Posts: 133 Arc User
    Same issue here with both my Disco captains. Started happening this week after the first patch on 10/13/21.
  • unclegoldieunclegoldie Member Posts: 259 Arc User
    I'm having the same issue and submitted a ticket regarding it a couple of days ago. I just got a response where it was admitted to be a glitch and to post a bug report about it here. Nice to see I'm not alone in the problem.
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