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Portable Phaser Cannon Bugged

lifesagelifesage Member Posts: 32 Arc User
I have equipped the Portable Phaser Cannon Special Issue to a BOFF and it seems that it does not fire at all while he has it equipped. It just glows and doesn't shoot. This also causes the BOFF to not use ANY of his powers. He just seems to stand there and die over and over being no help to the ground missions.

I can't see anything on the info on the weapon or the Lobi store that says it can't be used by a BOFF, so would be good to have this bug fixed. Seems kind of useless to have a weapon that doesn't work on a BOFF when there is no info saying they can't use it.


  • kaithan1975kaithan1975 Member Posts: 908 Arc User
    Boffs don't really have the AI to use that weapon, they tend to get hung up with the secondary fire mode and end up doing nothing.
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