Promoting Boffs

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Hi again peeps !
Just wondering what promoting your Boffs does ?


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    Your Bridge Officers have 4 ground and space skills that can be used. By promoting them to Commander, they can use all 4, but at lower ranks they will only be able to use the first 1, 2 or 3 of them.
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    Can I promote all of them ?
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    vaylotte wrote: »
    Can I promote all of them ?


    The maximum rank is Commander (or the factional equivalent) which unlocks the fourth skill.

    They also cannot be promoted to the same rank as your "captain" character... so promoting them to the max rank (Commander) is not available until you reach Captain rank (or the factional equivalent)... which happens at level 30.

    (Hence the BOFF ranks (for promotion) unlock at levels 0, 10, 20, 30.)

    Using BOFF skills in space is however limited by the layout of the ship. (Each officer "seat" is limited to a certain rank, you can place an officer of a different rank there, but if the officer is of a higher rank, their skills are limited to the seat rank.)
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    OK thanks guys !