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What Ability Is This?

millefune#8468 millefune Member Posts: 310 Arc User
I've started seeing this ability being used on occasion. It's not something I've seen often before, but have seen it several times lately. It's like a spinning Gravity Well that's blue-white in color, instead of pink/purple. Here's a screenshot of it.



I'd like to know what it is, so I can look up how to get it. Thanks for your time! ^_^
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    edrickvellorinedrickvellorin Member Posts: 346 Arc User
    Subspace Vortex. It's a lockbox skill, available via Infinity BOFF training manual pack, or from the old Xindi-Terrestrial lockbox.
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    legendarylycan#5411 legendarylycan Member Posts: 37,282 Arc User
    It's the Eject Red Matter console off the Jellyfish - Subspace Vortex is way smaller than that, is a more muted blue and doesn't have a pure black center but a more greyish-black one.​​
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    millefune#8468 millefune Member Posts: 310 Arc User
    It wasn't Subspace Vortex, as I have that, and Subspace Vortex is nowhere near as big and not as bright white in color. But thank you for the suggestion, it does look similar. I should have mentioned that it wasn't Subspace Vortex, my bad.

    After searching for the Eject Red Matter console and ability, that's definitely it. It makes me sad that it's from a promo ship, but go figure. That's probably why it looks so neat! Thank you both.
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