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Frustrated - Hit a Wall

reconboy19reconboy19 Member Posts: 5 Arc User
Hello all. I'm a returning player that plays on and off again until I finish the latest story modes. I saw that there was a temporal agent event going on so I started a new TOS character and went with a tactical character. I was moving along through the story episodes until I got into the Delta Quadrant. I finished the mission that introduced the Kobali battlefront. I ended up staying on the planet and doing some of the missions there instead moving onto the next episode in the story arc. After finishing those planetary missions I hit level 65 and that's when it feels like I hit a wall. I'd had no problems in any story missions until now. I started doing the Satellite Defense mission. And I died. A lot. Couldn't finish the mission as I'd respawn and then die usually within 15-30 seconds. Tried switching ships and ended up doing a little better but ended up dying many times again before giving up. It feels like the mission difficulty jumped quite a bit after I hit 65. Not sure what to do now. I did some googling and I've always been a casual player, not getting to in deep into the game, just really like the story missions. In my searches I came across all of these builds. I had been running with a T6 Defiant build that was somewhat 'canon' to the show version. I tried switching over to more of a cannon build with quad cannons, and then dual heavy cannons and then turrets with torpedoes, but it didn't make much difference. I switched over to an arbiter battlecruiser with a mix of cannons, torpedos and phaser beam weapons. It last a bit longer, but still ended up getting hammered by 3 or four enemy ships and not lasting long.

So I guess I'm looking for some help. Have others run into this issue? Would a different build make a difference? Does getting equipment/weapons above XII make that much of a difference. I'd like to go back to the Defiant ship, as I wanted to play that through as I've done several engineering/cruiser characters.


  • eazzieeazzie Member Posts: 3,223 Arc User
    @darkbladejk Can you assist
  • vedauwoovedauwoo Member Posts: 212 Arc User
    Are you running your reputations to rank them up as well? At each Tier, they offer additional Starship and/or ground traits that help immensely.....things like a secondary shield that activates when you take a critical hit.....among other things.....those, along with the correct doffs to lower cooldowns help to some degree.
  • reconboy19reconboy19 Member Posts: 5 Arc User
    vedauwoo wrote: »
    Are you running your reputations to rank them up as well? At each Tier, they offer additional Starship and/or ground traits that help immensely.....things like a secondary shield that activates when you take a critical hit.....among other things.....those, along with the correct doffs to lower cooldowns help to some degree.

    Not sure what you mean by reputations? I do have to double check my space/ground traits every once in a while because for some reason either some or all of them are blanked out after I've activated the max I can do.
  • annemarie30annemarie30 Member Posts: 2,153 Arc User
    yep, the bad guys in DQ are tougher, and their attacks are different, and without rep/endeavour boosts and skills, you are looking at a long tough road. what will help is if you head over to STOAcademy, plot your build and captains skills, reps and so forth then post the link here so we can all look at it. you will get advice from the rich, the poor the UberDPSers and the plain jane casuals like me. alternatively, invite a friend to help out in those missions
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  • westmetalswestmetals Member Posts: 7,495 Arc User
    edited September 2021
    Here's how I would set up a "T6 Defiant" (actually Valiant, but same difference)....

    Forward weapons: either of:
    1x Quad Phaser Cannon, 2x Dual Heavy Phaser Cannon, 1x Quantum Phase Torpedo (episode reward)
    3x Dual Phaser Beam Banks, 1x Quantum Phase Torpedo (episode reward)

    Aft Weapons: either of:
    1x Trilithium Phaser Turret (episode reward)
    2x Phaser Turret (of your choice)
    1x of either the Trilithium or Advanced Inhibiting (Gamma rep) Phaser Omni, 1x (crafted) Phaser Omni

    * In either case, all re-engineerable weapon mods should be set to [CrtD].

    Tactical: (4 slots)
    4x Vulnerability Locator [Phaser] OR 3x of those and 1x Lorca's Fire Controls (Discovery rep)
    (use Phaser Relays as placeholders if you can't get these right away)

    Science: (3 slots)
    1x Quantum Phase Converter (episode reward)
    2x of your choice (based on availability) of: 1x DOMINO, 1x Deconstructive Resonance Emitter, 1x Weaponized Helical Torsion, 1x Approaching Agony, 1x Ominous Device, 1x Hull Image Refractors, or similar (universal consoles with +Phaser, +Directed Energy, or +All Damage modifiers)

    Engineer: (3 slots)
    1x Reinforced Armaments (episode reward)
    1x Neutronium Armor OR 1x Enhanced Neutronium Armor [Turn] (from fleet)
    1x Ordnance Accelerator* (*if using the Advanced Inhibiting (Gamma rep) Phaser Omni or Turret).
    (fill any remaining slots with options from the Science list)

    Reputation Traits: (choose as many as will fit)
    Advanced Targeting Systems (Dyson Tier 2)
    Energy Refrequencer (Iconian Tier 2)*
    Fortified Hull (Nukara Tier 2)*
    Magnified Firepower (Gamma Tier 4)
    Precision (Romulan Tier 2)
    Tyler's Duality (Discovery Tier 4)

    * These two are defensive/healing and should be used only if necessary. Remove the Discovery and/or Gamma if you need space for these.

    Personal Traits:
    Include "Accurate", "Elusive", and either "Beam Training" or "Cannon Training" as appropriate (these two come from R&D)
    If you can get it, also include "Terran Targeting Systems" (lockbox/exchange)

    Bridge Officers:
    2x Romulan Tactical with "Superior Romulan Operative" trait (via Fleet Embassy... the blue quality male ONLY)
    * One of those with Pilot specialization added
    1x Jem'Hadar Vanguard OR Hierarchy Science (episode reward)
    1x Jem'Hadar Vanguard OR Nausicaan Engineer (via Diplomacy Tier 4 reward)
    Universal seat: 2nd Engineer from unused option above OR Kentari, Cardassian, Human (depending on availability).

    BOFF abilities:
    Tactical: Tactical Team 1, Torpedo Spread 2, Cannon Scatter Volley 2*, Attack Pattern Beta 3
    Tac/Pilot: Kemocite 1, Hold Together 2, Focused Assault 2 OR Cannon Rapid Fire 2*
    Science: Science Team 1, Polarize Hull 2
    Engineer: Engineering Team 1, Auxiliary to Battery 1
    Uni (as Engineer): Emergency Power to Weapons 1, Auxiliary to Battery 1

    * If using beam weapons, replace Cannon Scatter Volley 2 and Rapid Fire 2 with Beam Fire at Will 3 and Beam Overload 3, respectively.
    * You can also switch positions of the Cannon Scatter Volley and Attack Pattern Beta, if you prefer (this is not possible if you are using BFAW instead of CSV). Same with Torpedo Spread vs. Cannon Rapid Fire / Beam Overload.

    You need 3x Technicians with "Recharge of bridge officer abilities reduced after Auxiliary to Battery" - use the best ones you can afford or have farmed (you can farm purples free from one of the colonization clusters)

    Space gear:
    Deflector: Intervention Protomatter Deflector (from Fleet Colony) with [ColCrit] mod
    Impulse/Shield: 2pc set of Bajor Defense, Nukara reputation, Competitive reputation, Sol Defense, Kobali (to taste)
    Warp Core: Elite Fleet Plasma-Integrated, with both [AMP] and [W->E] mods (second from bottom of list at Fleet Spire)
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  • lowestlvllowestlvl Member Posts: 624 Arc User
    its because you're currently playing content that was geared for 45-50ish players that had mk12 gear. and maxed out reputations.
    There is no QA there is only ZUUL
    called out the bs and got BANNED. and i would gladly do it again.
  • reconboy19reconboy19 Member Posts: 5 Arc User
    I'll head over to STO Academy to see about filling out the build sheet. But everyone keeps mentioning Reputation and I'm wondering what that is and if that is one of the main things I'm missing?
  • reconboy19reconboy19 Member Posts: 5 Arc User
    I found the reputation section on my character screen. I've never done anything with this section in any of my characters. I vaguely remember seeing a tutorial about it and then went on and forgot about it. I also was able to fill in the ship build thats copied below. I wasn't able to get my warp core to copy in for some reason when I selected it, it wouldn't copy it into the form. I also wanted to mention that I've gotten a few of my other characters to level 65 and haven't had this kind of trouble with any mission. Yeah I might die a few times but I could grind through. Maybe its just these harder DQ missions, but in the sattelite defense mission I mentioned with the defiant I'm out numbered by quite a bit, and just two or three vaadwuar interceptor ships lock me down with an anchor then multiple bombardments strip my shields and kill me within a few seconds. When I tried using the arbiter battlecruiser the odds were a little better, maybe half a dozen enemy ships compared to maybe a dozen ships with the defiant. But the results were the same, once the majority of the sattelites were destroyed the enemy had nothing else to shoot at but me as it seems like the talaxian freighters were constantly repairing. Maybe this is more of a game issue than as hip issue?

    Faction Career Primary Spec. Secondary Spec.
    Federation Tactical Pilot Commando
    Engineering Hull Restoration Improved Hull Restoration Advanced Hull Restoration
    Hull Capacity Improved Hull Capacity Advanced Hull Capacity
    Science Shield Restoration Improved Shield Restoration Advanced Shield Restoration
    Shield Capacity Improved Shield Capacity Advanced Shield Capacity
    Tactical Energy Weapon Training Improved Energy Weapon Training Advanced Energy Weapon Training
    Projectile Weapon Training Improved Projectile Weapon Training Advanced Projectile Weapon Training
    Lieutenant Commander
    Engineering Electro-Plasma System Flow Improved EPS Flow Full Impulse Energy Shunt
    Impulse Expertise Improved Impulse Expertise Advanced Impulse Expertise
    Science Control Expertise Improved Control Expertise Control Amplification
    Drain Expertise Improved Drain Expertise Drain Infection
    Tactical Targeting Expertise Improved Targeting Expertise Advanced Targeting Expertise
    Defensive Maneuvering Improved Defensive Maneuvering Advanced Defensive Maneuvering
    Engineering Hull Plating Energized Hull Plating Ablative Hull Plating
    Damage Control Improved Damage Control Advanced Damage Control
    Science Shield Regeneration Improved Shield Regeneration Advanced Shield Regeneration
    Shield Hardness Improved Shield Hardness Advanced Shield Hardness
    Tactical Weapon Amplification Improved Weapon Amplification Advanced Weapon Amplification
    Weapon Specialization Improved Weapon Specialization Advanced Weapon Specialization
    Engineering Defensive Subsystem Tuning Shield Subsystem Performance Auxiliary Subsystem Performance
    Offensive Subsystem Tuning Weapon Subsystem Performance Engine Subsystem Performance
    Science Exotic Particle Generator Improved Exotic Particle Generator Advanced Exotic Particle Generator
    Long-Range Targeting Sensors Improved Long-Range Targeting Sensors Advanced Long-Range Targeting Sensors
    Tactical Hull Penetration Improved Hull Penetration Advanced Hull Penetration
    Shield Penetration Improved Shield Penetration Advanced Shield Penetration
    Engineering Warp Core Potential Improved Warp Core Potential Warp Core Efficiency
    Engineering Readiness Improved Engineering Readiness Advanced Engineering Readiness
    Science Scientific Readiness Improved Scientific Readiness Advanced Scientific Readiness
    Shield Mastery Shield Absorption Shield Reflection
    Tactical Coordination Protocols Defensive Coordination Offensive Coordination
    Tactical Readiness Improved Tactical Readiness Advanced Tactical Readiness
    Group 1 Weapon Criticals Weapon Proficiency Weapon Penetration
    Improved Weapon Criticals Weapon Expert Improved Weapon Penetration
    Group 2 Armor Expert Endurance Training Regeneration
    Armor Master Improved Endurance Training Improved Regeneration
    Group 3 Personal Shields Expert Personal Shield Resilience
    Personal Shields Master Improved Personal Shield Resilience
    Group 4 Kit Efficiency Kit Performance Expert
    Improved Kit Efficiency Kit Performance Master
    Personal Ground Traits Personal Space Traits
    Rifle Training Impact Defense Specialist
    Soldier Accurate
    Sure Footed Elusive
    Situational Awareness Particle Defense Specialist
    Lucky Beam Training
    Strike Team Specialist Warp Theorist
    Field Technician Cannon Training
    Resilient Projectile Training
    Stubborn Shield Technician
    Ground Reputation Traits Space Reputation Traits
    Active Reputation Traits Starship Traits
    Critical Systems
    Other Traits
    Valiant Tactical Escort Tier 6
    Fore Weapon 1 Very Rare Phaser Quad Cannons infin [Dmg]x3
    Fore Weapon 2 Rare Phaser Dual Heavy Cannons Mk XII [Dmg]x2
    Fore Weapon 3 Rare Phaser Dual Heavy Cannons Mk XII [Dmg]x2
    Fore Weapon 4 Rare Quantum Torpedo Launcher Mk XII [CrtD] [CrtH] [Dmg]
    Deflector Rare Positron Deflector Array Mk XII [DrainX] [ShCap]
    Impulse Very Rare Combat Impulse Engines Mk XII [Full] [Spd]x2
    Shield Array Very Rare Covariant Shield Array Mk VIII [Cap]x2 [Reg]
    Aft Weapon 1 Rare Phaser Turret Mk XII [CrtD] [Dmg]
    Aft Weapon 2 Rare Quantum Torpedo Launcher Mk XII [CrtD] [CrtH] [Dmg]
    Aft Weapon 3 Rare Phaser Turret Mk XII [CrtD] [Dmg]
    Heavy Weapon 1 Very Rare Experimental Hyperexcited Ion Stream Projector infin
    Device Slot 1
    Device Slot 2
    Engineering Console 1 Rare Console - Engineering - Neutronium Alloy Mk XII
    Engineering Console 2 Rare Console - Engineering - Ablative Hull Armor Mk XII
    Engineering Console 3 Epic Console - Universal - Cloaking Device
    Science Console 1 Rare Console - Science - Shield Emitter Amplifier Mk XII
    Science Console 2 Rare Console - Science - Power Insulator Mk XI
    Science Console 3 Epic Console - Universal - Quantum Warhead Module infin
    Tactical Console 1 Rare Console - Tactical - Phaser Relay Mk XII
    Tactical Console 2 Uncommon Console - Tactical - Phaser Relay Mk XII
    Tactical Console 3 Very Rare Console - Tactical - Zero Point Quantum Chamber Mk XII
    Tactical Console 4 Uncommon Console - Tactical - Phaser Relay Mk XII
    Lieutenant Universal
    Ensign: Engineering Team I
    Lieutenant: Emergency Power to Shields II
    Commander Tactical
    Ensign: Tactical Team I
    Lieutenant: Torpedo: High Yield II
    Lt. Commander: Beam Overload III
    Commander: Cannon: Rapid Fire III
    Lt. Commander Tactical Pilot
    Ensign: Beam Target Shields I
    Lieutenant: Beam Fire at Will II
    Lt. Commander: Torpedo: Spread III
    Lieutenant Engineering
    Ensign: Emergency Power to Weapons I
    Lieutenant: Reverse Shield Polarity I
    Lieutenant Science
    Ensign: Polarize Hull I
    Lieutenant: Tachyon Beam II
    Kit Very Rare Tactical Kit Mk X [PSG] [Will] [WpnDmg]
    Kit Modules Common Kit Module - Suppressing Fire Mk XI
    Rare Kit Module - Overwatch Mk VIII
    Very Rare Kit Module - Battle Strategies Mk X
    Rare Kit Module - Photon Grenade Mk VIII
    Armor Very Rare Energy Dampening Armor Mk X [HP]x2 [RegHP]
    Weapons Very Rare Terran Task Force Phaser High Density Beam Rifle Mk XII [CritD] [Dmg]x2
  • westmetalswestmetals Member Posts: 7,495 Arc User
    edited September 2021
    Hard to read in that format, but a few comments...

    - Tac BOFF abilities... you have no beam weapons, so ditch Beam Overload, Beam Target Weapons, and Beam Fire at Will; they are doing nothing. I would replace one of them with Cannon Scatter Volley.
    - Eng BOFF abilities.... I would also replace RSP and Emergency to Shields both with copies of Auxiliary to Battery. (Coupled with the three Technician DOFFs I mentioned, Aux2Bat will reduce your ability cooldowns, making the rest of your BOFF abilities more efficient as you will be able to use them more often.)
    - Sci BOFF abilities... I don't see a use for Tachyon Beam in this build; would replace with either Science Team or Hazard Emitters.
    - Traits... similarly you have no use for Beam Training.
    - The Quad Cannon... load it into upgrade screen; it should have a free auto-conversion to a mark number, and then be further upgradable. Same with the Ion Stream. (The scaling on infinity-mark weapons freezes at level 50, at the rough equivalent of Mk XI. Converting will usually get you Mk XII, itself an improvement, for free, and then the item is further upgradable.)
    - Second (aft) torpedo launcher: how often are enemies behind you? This is likely wasted space, and replacing it with a third turret may be an improvement. (As turrets can fire 360)

    In general, see the example build in my previous post.

    As for tactics: when the Vaadwaur put the drones on you, that's a form of Tractor Beam. Use Polarize Hull to break their hold on you.
  • reconboy19reconboy19 Member Posts: 5 Arc User
    Well I was just able to finish that satellite defense mission with the above suggestions. It wasn't pretty, I died maybe 5 or 6 times. But the different build definitely made a difference.

    I'm still wondering if there isn't something else going on. I played this same mission with my disco engineering character with a cruiser and had absolutely no problems with it. I didn't die once, and there were several defense turrets still alive. This time around with my TOS tactical character in the 'defiant' I died several times, and there were no defense turrets still alive. There was several times in the mission where I'd start getting hit and before I could even react shields were gone and then I was dead.
  • sennahcheribsennahcherib Member Posts: 2,823 Arc User
    edited September 2021
    try to grab this console (cheap to upgrade): https://sto.fandom.com/wiki/Krenim_Temporal_Manipulation#Console_-_Science_-_Temporal_Disentanglement_Suite from this mission (not difficult): https://sto.fandom.com/wiki/Mission:_Butterfly

    reputations: https://sto.fandom.com/wiki/Reputation_System

    In my opinion, you could go for beams for the moment, and use faw (help against the vaadwaur TRIBBLE). I would use the lt uni for an eng boff, with engneering team 1 + rsp 1, lt science: hazard emitters 1 + photonic officer 1 (the doff to reduce the cd are not really expensive).

    you can grab also the starship trait the best defense from the mission House Pegh: https://sto.fandom.com/wiki/Trait:_The_Best_Defense
    there is also this console and 1 weapon of your choice: https://sto.fandom.com/wiki/Trilithium-Laced_Weaponry#Console_-_Engineering_-_Reinforced_Armaments
    and this one (already advised) https://sto.fandom.com/wiki/Quantum_Phase_Catalysts#Console_-_Universal_-_Quantum_Phase_Converter not only for the phaser damage but also for the auxiliary bonus, interesting if you use the nukara rep traits: https://sto.fandom.com/wiki/Reputation:_Nukara_Strikeforce#Tier_IV - https://sto.fandom.com/wiki/Trait:_Auxiliary_Power_Configuration_-_Defense

    oh! I use this for all my captains: https://sto.fandom.com/wiki/Reactive_Armor_Catalysts_Pack from this mission: https://sto.fandom.com/wiki/Mission:_Broken_Circle
  • protoneousprotoneous Member Posts: 2,253 Arc User
    I think you're actually off to a good start and with a few changes will be able to do much better despite some exploding.

    If you create an account with the STO Academy skill planner it'll enable you to save your skill tree (and with more work your ship's build) to a link and post it here. It might be worthwhile to at least post your skill tree as whatever you copied and pasted above didn't work.

    Here's two links to the space and ground skill trees I use for tactical, engineering, and science characters that are directed energy focused (i.e. for toons that primarily use beams or cannons). The only difference between the two is that one has full points into torpedoes and the other has none. The ground skill tree and primary & secondary specializations used is the same for both.

    From my perspective as a Star Trek fan playing STO casually for just over a decade I really wish I'd adopted these skill trees far sooner than I did. They work great for me on both new toons ranking up using mission rewards and at end game when reputation items are added.

    My Favorite Tactical Template

    My Favorite Tactical Template with Torpedoes

    Skill Unlocks - Engineering: Battery Expertise, Hull Capacity. Science: Sector Space Travel Speed, Maximum Shield Capacity. Tactical: Threat Control, Projectile Critical Chance, Energy Critical Chance, Accuracy, All 3 Ultimate's. Ground: Willpower, Improved Aim, Choice of either Furious Footwork or Fatal Fists, Improved Flank Damage, Offensive Mastery.

    Keep at it - things get much better. Most players find they need to make some adjustments between level 50 and 65. Think of it as a little bit of fine tuning.
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