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Vanity Shields!

I had a cool idea, I didn't see this listed! I think it would be great if we got the option to purchase a vanity shield for the ships we've purchased. Hear me out- So like, say we have a tanky ship on our account, like the Kelvin Timeline one.. but we're using a science officer right? That's not an optimal ship..but we also like to roleplay! I think a lot of us would drop the coin to grab a vanity shield of a ship we own (the kelvin) to use on our current science ship we use day-to-day! I don't know a lot about the system for sure, nor do i know a way to actually suggest this to the game dev's but I really do think this wont be a monumental idea for the game.


  • cyphexthekingcyphextheking Member Posts: 29 Arc User
    I do believe you mean something that i allready wrote and suggested in a different Thread long time ago, which i also would love to see in STO:

    Independent Ship-Stats from their visual modell..
    Let me give an explicite example:

    Modelwhise, i really love the Design of the "original" Voyager/Intrepid.
    But as this ship is sadly a sci ship with 3/3 weapon layout and just 3 ?! Tac console slots aswell as the not very tactical BO sitting.

    I really would love to fly a ship with 5/3 or 5/2 and better BO sitting and maybe 4 tac slots and maybe plus a hangar (like a dreadnought or similar ship e.g. strike wing assault flightdeck cruiser)
    BUT....... with the option to place the Voyager Modell on top....

    Funny fact, there is kinda that mechanic in the game; if you Ever played the TFO where all the player ships appear as a "discovery" ship, while they still have their usual independent equips on it..
    Or those fancy latinum holo emitter overlays (like undine ship and so on) but without that annoying holo flickering...

    So yeah, i really would love to have the options for using the "technical ship frame" from ship y AND put the "Visual ship model" from ship x on top..
  • keepcalmchiveonkeepcalmchiveon Member Posts: 4,198 Arc User
    this has been debated for a time now. it will not happen for various reasons.
    the title vanity shield is not quite right and honestly doesnt fit the option you want.
    as also stated, they have holo-emitter based looks you can get. this is what you want.

  • davefenestratordavefenestrator Member Posts: 9,890 Arc User
    Using one ship skin you own on another ship you own is something many of us would like, since Space Barbie is the real endgame.

    It doesn't make business sense to allow some T1-T5 skins like the Connie on T6 ships since that cuts into T6 Connie sales. I don't see as much of a problem with T6 skin to T6 skin, but skins are what matter most to many buyers so Cryptic might think that would cut into sales too.
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