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spectres story arc

ok i know this has likely been posted and said many times. but i am going to post my view on this spectific story arc.

ok so years back far back there was a story arc called spectres. which included missions such as the likes of spin the wheel and night of the comet, which featured devidians and a mission with cardassians in that story arc. and yes i know that every can still play those missions in the game. but by then there is no point as you have to lvl 60 or over to be able to play those missions. which for me is a huge turn off. for one back when they were in the normal story arc episodes menu. you did them as you were leveling your character up and still going through the story arcs that they had back then. and yes i am a life time subber to this game and a sto veteran of the game.

but the reason i am saying this is because it does not make sense to have to do them at 60 or above.

so as feedback for the devs. i would like to suggest to them to finally remaster that story arc and finally add it back into the normal early aviliable story arc content or however far into the game they originally were when they first released into the game, it would be awesome to have them as part of the actual story arc episodes menu in game once more. hell i wouldnt even care if they got remastered. it would just be nice to have them in the story arc episode menu again and to be able to do them whilst leveling a still low level character up.

now i know what people are going to say in reply. you will either say oh you can still play them. but as i have said it does not make sense to have to do them at max level cap.

i also know some are going to say. ooh well that story arc was boring or it was not good etc etc.
but again you have to remember that while you may not have liked them yourselves in particular. there are those that did and still would if that story arc was in the story arc episode menu..

so to the developers. please i beseech you, please can you re add the spectres story arc back into the normal story arc episode selection tabs. i know that those that did like playing them and enjoyed them would be over the moon to have them back in the episode story arc tabs. again the story arc i am speak about is the spectres story arc.

i am not asking you to remaster them merely add them back into the normal story arc episode menu tabs for now. and if you update/remaster them later down the line fantastic.

as i said i know a few may not like this post or even have positive comments/replies. but as ive said ive heard those sort of comments before. so please if your going to reply with a comment. make it civil and leave positive comments.. thank you


  • fred26291#2759 fred26291 Member Posts: 1,012 Arc User
    Spectres, Lost Dominion and the Breen Arc, should all be brought down to being able to be done at the same level as Nimbus III can be done. I agree completely with the argument that these story arcs should be brought down to lev 10 as a min requirement not lev 65.
  • dracule21dracule21 Member Posts: 8 Arc User
    wow your the first person on these forums that has actually agreed with me. its refreshing to have a like minded sto player agree with me. i mean i wouldnt even mind so much if they were like say lvl 12 -15. and as you get through them they then get high lvl requirements. not as silly as the currently lvl 65 requirement. i to be honest with dont understand why they have to all be that lvl except for the nimbus III story arc missions. if they can be low level then the question begs to be asked why cant all the other story arcs be the same lvl ?. i mean youd think the devs would look at this and think to themselves.. gee ya know those people that have commented on the spectres story arc post actually make alot of sense. why dont we go and do just that. and the thing is fred, if they were to do that. it would not even take much at all to do.
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