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Shredded shields ...

vaylottevaylotte Member Posts: 44 Arc User
Hello. I'm level 28 now and been trying to do this mission where a Borg Cube attacks me and basically shreds my shields in a second then stops me from moving and pulverizes me. I'm dead in a few seconds. It's weird because i've been doing ok up until now ...
So how do I stop this from happening ? What should I be doing to counter it ?


  • qultuqqultuq Member Posts: 701 Arc User
    edited September 2021
    You just need to start researching builds. Your playing is probably fine. The game just doesn’t help you set up your ship with a consistent design.

    The Baby Step guide is a little cumbersome of a read—but if you can slog through it you will be ejecting Borg into the cold vacuum in no time.

    Here it is:


    Basically though you want: 1) all your weapons and tactical consoles to be the same type. 2) full power to weapons 3) retrain your bridge officers. The skills they come with are random and not always useful.

    From the guide:

    “ Weapons in STO require focus. This means two things. One, focus on one energy type like phaser, disruptor, or plasma, don't build rainbow boats using different flavored weapons. It can work but is ultimately going to gimp you in the end. Weapon procs are mostly useless due to their low proc rate, focus on an energy type you like the look or sound of. Two, focus on the actual weapon type. All beam arrays, or all dual cannons, or all torpedos. You can mix a little but you'll need to focus on just one. Gear, especially weapons and tac consoles, should always match your level. At level 40 that means mark 9-10. At low levels gear mark is far more important than gear quality (eg. uncommon, rare, very rare, etc). At level 50+, ideally you want your gear to be as high mark and quality as possible.”

    “ Subsystem power should be set to something along the lines of: Weapons 100 / Shields 50 / Engines 25 / Auxiliary 25. The best way to do this is push the weapons subsystem power button found at the top of subsystem power UI box.”

    “ Most boff ability training manuals can be purchased at boff trainer NPCs found in all the major hubs. Rank 3 abilities such as Emergency Power to Weapon 3 (ETPW) and Reverse Shield Polarity 3 (RSP) I have listed in this build are usually best purchased from the exchange, training manuals can be made from a boff candidate that already has it, or from an in-game friend who has the ability to craft it for you. Ability cooldown reduction is handled by the lieutenant rank sci bridge officer ability Photonic Officer 1 (read about it below), as well as a point each in the readiness skills to help it along, which I already mentioned. When using boff abilities it's important to figure out which ones work well together or can be used one after the other, this is called chaining. In particular for this build, Attack Pattern Beta 1 (APB) and the chosen firing mode Beam Overload (BO) or Beam Fire at Will (BFAW) should always be used at the same time. Abilities like Emergency Power to the Weapons (ETPW) and Emergency Power to the Engines (EPTE) share a cooldown and should be cycled together hitting the first one, then the other when it's off cooldown, and repeating to keep these up full time while in combat.”
  • vaylottevaylotte Member Posts: 44 Arc User
    Ah yes that is helpful thankyou !
  • westmetalswestmetals Member Posts: 8,351 Arc User
    FYI, the science skill "Polarize Hull" makes tractor beams unable to hold you.... this might help against the Borg (and also Romulans)
  • vaylottevaylotte Member Posts: 44 Arc User
    Great ! i'll look into it thanks :)
  • vaylottevaylotte Member Posts: 44 Arc User
    Where can I get myself some more Teytron cannons ? I have two on fore weapons and a Torpedoe launcher. But in aft I have a phaser and mine launcher. I want two more Teytron cannons for my aft or one and another Torpedoe launcher ?
    I've looked on the Exchange but theres not much there for my level (i'm Commander level 28).
    Also is it worth buying a ship from the Zen store ? if so what is a good ship to buy for my level ? I looked but there is so much choices lol !
  • westmetalswestmetals Member Posts: 8,351 Arc User
    vaylotte wrote: »
    Where can I get myself some more Teytron cannons ? I have two on fore weapons and a Torpedoe launcher. But in aft I have a phaser and mine launcher. I want two more Teytron cannons for my aft or one and another Torpedoe launcher ?
    I've looked on the Exchange but theres not much there for my level (i'm Commander level 28).
    Also is it worth buying a ship from the Zen store ? if so what is a good ship to buy for my level ? I looked but there is so much choices lol !

    Do not buy any zen ships unless they are tier 6.

    The first ship I would buy would be the Arbiter Battlecruiser (it's nice to fly but also has one of the best starship traits in the game).

    THAT SAID... you don't really need a new ship right now.

    And for aft mounts you want turrets, not cannons. Turrets are treated with cannon skills but fire 360.

    There are tet turrets you can get for free as episode rewards from "Installation 18", "Spoils of War", and "Butterfly".
  • qultuqqultuq Member Posts: 701 Arc User
    Tetryon weapons look great, but they are not strong for hull damage. Especially for your first build, phasers are probably going to be cheaper and more effective. There are a lot more consoles that boost phaser damage too.

    That being said, the Cardassian arc have episodes that reward tetryon cannons, turrets, and beams. If you want to get some decent ones for free.

    Also the Episode “Midnight,” the last episode in the Iconian Arc has a Tetryon Pulse Generator. Most builds will want all your tactical consoles filled with consoles that boost your energy weapons. For Tetryon weapons the only free console is there, I think.
  • vaylottevaylotte Member Posts: 44 Arc User
    Ok great thanks peeps :)
  • qqqqiiqqqqii Member Posts: 459 Arc User
    westmetals wrote: »
    FYI, the science skill "Polarize Hull" makes tractor beams unable to hold you.... this might help against the Borg (and also Romulans)

    Definitely this. Also, iirc they can't even lock a tractor beam on you if you're more than 5km away. Maintain distance, where possible.
  • westmetalswestmetals Member Posts: 8,351 Arc User
    vaylotte wrote: »
    Ok great thanks peeps :)

    Here's a general energy-weapons guide I wrote a couple years ago...

    Ten Shipbuilding Guidelines for Energy-Weapons Builds

    These ten guidelines are designed to apply broadly to the most common types of builds, which use energy weapons as their primary damage source (and which may also include, optionally, a single projectile weapon).

    There is still a lot of room for customization. Some of these guidelines can be bent or broken successfully, but think about it first. Following these will result in ship that can easily produce the damage needed in any normal-difficulty and many advanced-difficulty situations.

    Please note that many of these guidelines are NOT applicable to two less-common build types:
    1) exotic damage based builds (focused on damage from Science BOFF abilities)
    2) kinetic damage based builds (focused on damage from torpedoes)
    Both of these build styles will often use multiple projectile weapons and will not emphasize damage from energy weapons (if, in fact, they use any).

    Deliberately left out: any discussion of DOFFs, weapon mods, or power management (including Aux2Bat), as those are more build-specific than this list is designed to be.

    1. All energy weapons should have the same "damage type". (There are six: Phaser, Disruptor, Plasma, Antiproton, Polaron, Tetryon.) This is usually named in the item name, but some are deceptively named, so check the tooltips.

    NOTE: all six types share the same base damage scale, they just have different additional special effects, meaning that there is not one type that is inherently better than the others.

    Some ships have built-in (or console) weapons of a specific type, and in those cases, you should probably match that type.

    2. All energy weapons should be EITHER beam-style OR cannon-style. (Turrets are cannons.)

    NOTE: This is due to the efficiency of Bridge Officer weapon mode skills; on ships that have extremely high amounts of tactical officer seating, it may not be necessary.

    3. 360-degree weapons, if used, should be used in aft slots only.

    NOTE: the tooltips on omni-directional beam weapons are deceptive. Although they say "one per ship", there are actually three categories, and you may use one of each. (Energy-type beams that are part of a set, energy-type beams that are NOT part of a set, and the Omega reputation kinetic beam.) FYI: The Morphogenic Polaron Energy Weapon from "Home" counts as an omni-directional beam weapon.

    4. You should use only one projectile weapon, placed in the far right forward slot (they work slightly better there, due to a combination of the autofire game mechanic and the effects of different weapon styles), or none at all. This weapon should be part of a set with a useful bonus, the appropriate energy torpedo, the Wide Angle Quantum, or the Particle Emission Plasma.

    5. All Tactical console slots should be used ONLY for Tactical consoles with weapon damage boosting effects THAT MATCH your chosen damage type. These include ONLY:

    - standard craftable/lootable Tactical consoles (Phaser Relay, Disruptor Coil, etc.)
    - Fleet Spire vendor Tactical consoles (Vulnerability Locator and/or Exploiter), and/or Fleet Colony vendor Tactical consoles, with the appropriate energy weapon damage-type as the chosen mod
    - the Counter-Command Tactical Console, Chronometric Capacitor, or similar (episode/reputation reward consoles which are specifically tactical AND part of a set AND include damage-type weapon boosters).

    DO NOT use +Beam or +Cannon type tactical consoles. They are inherently less efficient than the energy-specific consoles.
    DO NOT use Tactical console slots for Universal consoles.

    6. Tactical BOFF abilities should include Tactical Team. Your top two Tactical BOFF abilities should be some combination of: either Beam Fire at Will OR Cannon Scatter Volley (depending on chosen weapon style), and an Attack Pattern (Beta, Delta, or Omega). Third-highest should be Torpedo Spread, if you have chosen to use a torpedo and have room for four or more Tactical abilities.

    7. Science BOFF abilities should always include Science Team and if you have room for them, Hazard Emitters and/or Polarize Hull.

    8. Engineering BOFF abilities should always include Engineering Team and, if you have room for it, Emergency Power to Weapons.

    9. Seek out equipment (universal consoles, science consoles, engineering consoles, deflectors, shields, impulse engines, warp engines) which have some of the following boosters: +All Damage, +Damage for your chosen weapon types, +Critical Hit Chance, +Critical Severity, +Turn Rate, + Power Transfer Rate, +All Damage Resistance, +Hull Capacity, +Shield Capacity, -Weapon Energy Cost, +Weapon Firing Speed, -Bridge Officer Cooldown. In some cases, these stats can also be found as 2-piece or 3-piece set bonuses.

    Of special note: Fleet Colony deflectors, and any warp core with a +Power Transfer Rate modifier.

    NOTE: STO thrives on synergy. There is not a single piece of equipment, a single ship, etcetera, that is "the best". For best results, you will want to find the things that contribute the most to your build choices. For example, a +Phaser Damage bonus is not useful if your weapons are not Phaser type, but could be rather useful if they are...

    10. All active BOFFs should have a "space" personal trait. (Bridge Officers have four personal traits, but many have four ground traits... these are not desirable for use on your ship, but may be retained for Away Team duties.)

    The best such trait is "Superior Romulan Operative" ("SRO"), which is often (not always) found on Romulan faction BOFFs; Romulan captains can easily get enough to run an all-SRO bridge crew. However, for non-Romulan captains, they must be obtained from a Fleet Embassy vendor, where only Tactical BOFFs are available with this trait (specifically, only the blue-quality male, though you may purchase multiple copies). This means that non-Romulan captains will need to look at BOFFs with other space traits.

    Jem'Hadar Vanguard BOFFs (from the Gamma expansion pack) have a space trait, "Engineered Soldier" (Space), which is effectively a combination of half-strength SRO and a weapon-only damage boost. This is the second-best space trait after SRO, and for non-Romulans, the science and engineer JHVs are the best available option. NOTE: this trait is not found on standard Jem'Hadar officers (the episode reward one and the ones given to starting Jem'Hadar characters), which only have ground traits.

    Other useful space traits include:

    - "Pirate". Klingon captains can easily get many of these, as Nausicaans always come with this trait; Federation captains may get one Nausicaan BOFF as a reward for reaching 100,000 Diplomacy duty officer points. There is also an episode-reward officer, the Hierarchy Science officer (Delta episode "Alliances") who has both "Pirate" and "Efficient", making him the best free Bridge Officer in the game (for non-Romulan captains).
    - "Kentari Ferocity". Available only on Kentari BOFFs, purchased from Fleet Colony, not stackable (so only get one).
    - "Temporal Engineering", "Temporal Applied Sciences", "Temporal Tactics". Found on profession appropriate Krenim BOFFs, purchased from Fleet Research Lab.

    (That is not a complete list.)

    Other BOFFs with an assortment of other space traits are available via duty officer recruiting assignments (random BOFFs with "Efficient" are available for both factions, and Human Fed officers come with "Leadership") or via fleet vendors (especially at the Embassy, K-13, and Colony), and also via the CStore (individually or included in purchasable expansion packs). NOTE: K-13 Human officers come with "Leadership", while other K-13 officers do not.
  • westmetalswestmetals Member Posts: 8,351 Arc User
    edited September 2021
    Three updates to the above:

    - add the Discovery rep tactical console to the list of accepted tactical consoles.
    - If you are using a T6 ship with a Miracle Worker spec BOFF, it may be useful to slot one 360 aft weapon of the opposite style (turret or omni) in order to serve as a trigger for "Mixed Armaments Synergy".
    - if your ship comes with Universal console slots, treat them as additional Tactical slots.

    And a small elaboration: due to the Hierarchy BOFF, I recommend that Feds using their Diplomacy reward to claim a Nausicaan, should specifically get an engineer.
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