Which Hangar Pets Shoot the Rainbow Sparkle Beams?

I believe I saw someone with hangar pets that were firing the rainbow sparkle beams that the Temporal Defense Initiative reputation antiproton beam weapons fire. Does anyone know which hangar pets they were? I'd like to pick them up to match the TDI weapons I use on some of my characters' ships.


  • sennahcherib
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  • angrytarg
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    To my knowledge, all temporal pets only use default AP. Are there any hangar pets that use non-default weapons at all? (aside from their specific fx, TOS pets use TOS phasers, Elachi pets Elachi disruptors and so on)​​
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    Far as I can figure... none of them seem to be equipped with Chroniton beams.
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  • sennahcherib
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    it is maybe channeled deconstruction used by the epoch fighters
  • spiritborn
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    > @sennahcherib said:
    > it is maybe channeled deconstruction used by the epoch fighters

    Those are the ones that come with temporal ships right, their weapon are the standard AP and the skills are the yellow/blue on player temp abilities as far as I know no hangar pet in-game uses the temp rep chroniton beam animation.
  • sennahcherib
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    yes, it is a skill used by these pets and are from the temporal ships
    I have never seen a pet with chroniton beams
  • millefune#8468
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    Okay, maybe I saw things incorrectly, I guess. I just remember seeing the Chroniton Beams coming from multiple places that weren't a ship, so I thought they were hangar pets, since we normally don't really see those (or if we do, they're super tiny). Thanks to all for checking and letting me know!
  • chastity1337
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    Perhaps it was a power of some sort, that enhances the pets attacks?
    I'm not a huge fan of fighters or other space pets, but I know there are a ton of them.