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@darkbladejk Please, just close this. There's apparently already a thread about it.
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    Should have been extra SHIP Trait slot. Personal Traits you are generally less cramped for than ship Traits;
    We already got this from the X ship upgrades.
    N.B. Also, this was a perfect opportunity for a good Dilithium sink. Missed it again.
    This is actually a really bad dil sink. A good dil sink is something you want/need to keep putting dil into over and over again. These tokens are something you need once per character.

    Where is it written that a good sink needs a repetitive element? Good thing economies aren't based on that principle. :p If it sells, it sells; whether it be an extra Trait slot, extra Doff slot, shiny pink Vanity shield some of us missed out on (*g*), if ppl are willing to pay for it, there's your sink.