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Zen Store Gifting 🎁

I’ve noticed quite a few games are going in the direction of allowing people to gift friends/family items from their individual stores. I think this would be great for STO. I have friends and family who live and breath Star Trek, so the idea of me being able to gift say my Nephew a ship, starter pack or even a lifetime subscription for a Birthday, Christmas or just because I’m feeling generous would be great.

It would make sense business-wise as well, because if my friend/family member was never going to or can’t get an item and I do that’s some extra money in the pockets of the devs and staff that was never going to happen otherwise.

Maybe if this is a bit difficult making the T6 Gift Tokens released during Christmas as a permanent thing might be an idea, just with T5 ones as well.

Anyway, just an idea 🙂


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