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High Definition Nova Class

kyuso21kyuso21 Member Posts: 13 Arc User
To the developers staff,

As I lately requested to you (but my post has been quieted and transferred to Frequent Threads) a redesign of the Nova Class (and also the Rhode Island). Some ships have already been redesigned such as the Intrepid, the Conney or the Miranda Class, even the NX-01 met a refinement. So, after many years of being played, the Nova Class could also live that visual improvement.

And on top of that, the original dilithium-paid Nova Class has some graphic issues such as inexistent windows in the provided places, very low-qualitied secondary deflector dish and also an inexistent Main Deflector Dish (like those of the Intrepid and Nebula classes...).

Here is the Nova Class, coming from the real CGI ship from Star Trek Voyager two parts episodes "Equinox I & II", from Drex files:




  • artan42artan42 Member Posts: 10,450 Bug Hunter
    They update the Federation ships (except the E*******r thankfully) when they release a T6 version. So when a T6 Nova shows up we'll get an update. Which is good because my signature needs a nicer version of the Nova/Rhode Island and the Sabre.​​
    Norway and Yeager dammit... I still want my Typhoon and Jupiter though.
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  • rhenvar42rhenvar42 Member Posts: 84 Arc User
    I would not mind seeing more of the science vessels get the t-6 treatment, such as the Nova, Luna, and Dyson ships.

    Oh and the Obelisk Carrier, if I am allowed to add that one to list.
  • kyuso21kyuso21 Member Posts: 13 Arc User
    Both of you are right! But I think some ships like the Nova Class really needs that treatment! This is the ship which is the worst in design, it looks bad nowadays... I hope Cryptic devs will have a look on all those suggestions and demands about the Nova Class, and I don't talk about any T6 Nova, just about the redesign, she really really needs it hehe!
  • kyuso21kyuso21 Member Posts: 13 Arc User
  • darkbladejkdarkbladejk Member Posts: 3,345 Community Moderator
    away with ye zombieness. (white lantern ring blast)
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