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Junior Officer Weekend Immortal Holos

Doing this event as a level 2 i can't get the holos' health down past 1. I can run away and scan if i get far away enough and after a while i'll have a few 1hp holos chasing me.


  • strathkinstrathkin Member Posts: 2,356 Bug Hunter
    You honestly should wait till you get a bit higher, at least level 10. Do a few missions and you quickly be 10-15 or so, and make sure you have the best weapon possible, at least Rare quality if not Very Rare.

    Also make sure your getting Kit Modules and a Kit to boost your ground fighting attributes, as your skill points won't bump your base skills in the earlier levels. I generally wait till I'm at least 50-65 however before I started doing Academy Recruitment events myself.
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