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Feline paws for uniforms

darkwing228darkwing228 Member Posts: 80 Arc User
Okay, so the Ferasians and the Catians finally have new hairstyles, it's about time, now for the love of god, can we finally get their paws added to standard uniforms. I'm sick of having to choose between which pair of boots looks the least wrong and ugly on them.

It's not like any new art or animations would be needed either, we already have bare paws in the game, it's just for some bizarre, unknown reason they are restricted to off-duty outfits only. Please can they be added to standard uniforms too.


  • miqe#7825 miqe Member Posts: 3 Arc User
    That's not the only thing that is not right. Male Caitians/Ferasans can have paws, if they use Skants, Robes or the 3 piece Suit.
    So it makes no sense that females do not have the same option at least. But I am in total agreement that it needs to be possible to use bare paws for all uniforms (for both genders) no matter if it's pants/skants/skirts. An other thing that needs fixing is the original lion tail option that isn't scruffy looking. It is also not available with all clothing selections.

    I found all this out when I bought a female Caitian BOff and now I am not going to use her because of this. I filed a ticket asking them to remove the BOff and refund me so I could get a male BOff that has the paw options, they said no.
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