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Command the Crossfield of the Future!

ambassadorkael#6946 ambassadorkael Member, Administrator Posts: 2,400 Community Manager
The 32nd Century Refit of #StarTrekDiscovery's Crossfield Class is coming soon, as part of the Far From Home Lock Box!



  • brex#6815 brex Member Posts: 6 Arc User
    Goodness gracious an ugly, over-powered ship from a brain dead series.
  • garaffegaraffe Member Posts: 1,115 Arc User
    For the trait:
    Each time you activate an ability of a Universal Console, your ship gains a boost to universal Critical Hit Chance and Critical Severity...
    What does "universal" crit chance and crit severity mean? Is it crit chance and severity for ALL forms of damage? Or is it crit chance and severity for damaging universal console abilities?
  • legendarylycan#5411 legendarylycan Member Posts: 36,780 Arc User
    edited May 21
    It's crit chance and severity that'll actually show up on your stat sheet for as long as the buff lasts, and therefore applies to everything on the ship - unlike more specific sources like crit mods on weapons or those doffs that have chances to boost crit for specific weapon types when firing those weapon types.​​
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  • trillbuffettrillbuffet Member Posts: 861 Arc User
    Another overpowered ship that they would have to pay me to use it lol... Which is bad when they are trying to sell the damned thing to make money.
  • smokebaileysmokebailey Member Posts: 4,330 Arc User
    Finally made the class look decent. :)
  • hetairai#8501 hetairai Member Posts: 17 Arc User
    Detached nacelles are a no-go for me, so how overpowered that ship may be, I'll not even try to get it.
  • smokebaileysmokebailey Member Posts: 4,330 Arc User
    Detached nacelles are a no-go for me, so how overpowered that ship may be, I'll not even try to get it.

    I dig 'em. THAT is advanced. Dug Drexler wanted to make a similar thing.

    And it worked for the Iconians.
  • ente77ente77 Member Posts: 5 Arc User
    25.5 ??
  • plomeecplomeec Member Posts: 1 Arc User
    Does anyone know, if you have the Crossfield already, will this refit be available in the customization options?
  • echattyechatty Member Posts: 5,663 Arc User
    That it is a lockbox ship automatically puts it out of my reach barring the mercy of RNGesus should I even attempt to open them.

    I never have much ECs on me and I don't buy zen very often because of financial concerns.

    Still, it's a ship I might fly should I ever manage to acquire it. But like most all other lockbox/promo ships, they're all out of my price range.
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  • phrgphrg Member Posts: 82 Arc User
    brex#6815 wrote: »
    Goodness gracious an ugly, over-powered ship from a brain dead series.

    And I thought the Miracle Worker ships were ugly...
  • darkbladejkdarkbladejk Member Posts: 3,199 Community Moderator
    back to the nether realm with thee (white lantern ring blast) /necro
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