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Tier 6 Start all hourly missions and fill.

aftulusaftulus Member Posts: 667 Arc User
edited June 2021 in Reputation System
Can we get a tier 6 button to start all tier 6 hourly missions and a second button to fill all.

This would start all tier 6 hourlies for all 13 reputation systems. It could sit on the top of the interface and undarken once a single teir 6 is reached. It will only start tier 6 hourlies and not other ones. Unless that is not an issue. Anything to speed up gameplay a bit in that area.

This could either fill all available items or all tier 6 hourlies. This would save a lot of hassle trying ti fill out tier 6 hourly missions per character.


  • garaffegaraffe Member Posts: 1,170 Arc User
    Would be nice, but I would include a button to start and fill all available daily projects as well, regardless of tier.

    Also, a claim all button to claim all completed reputation projects.
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