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Universal Endeavor missing?

ulmanchunulmanchun Member Posts: 135 Arc User
edited June 2021 in PC Gameplay Bug Reports
I haven't heard the word but is universal endeavours removed now or not a thing anymore. It is gone and today is monday. we get a new universal like clockwork every monday, wednesday, and friday. but it is 3:40pm PST (give or take) and still nothing. usually it refresh at 10am PST. is this a new glitch or was the the whole endeavor of having a universal endeavor not worth it in the end and the idea is scrapped


  • ulmanchunulmanchun Member Posts: 135 Arc User
    Nevermind. 5-10 minutes after posting it. i logged in again and the universal endeavor is back. so strange.
  • divvydenddivvydend Member Posts: 131 Arc User
    Same here failed to register completion twice.
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