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Chat problems

Anyone else having problems with chat dropping out and not working? It has been happening since Tuesdays patch.


  • strathkinstrathkin Member Posts: 2,655 Bug Hunter
    edited June 2021
    Fleet or Armada Chat often disappears on a few characters, thankfully they at least still allow you to see it now when someone else types in the channel. That is as log as it's shown in the Chat (tab) but sadly to type you have to type /f or /a short for /fleet or /armada 'followed by text' every time you want to send something t if it doesn't appear in the drop down.

    I suspect you're seeing this possibly with other standard channels, thankfully custom channels never seem to go missing as strange as that sounds. They are always there oddly enough.
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  • maniac20#5251 maniac20 Member Posts: 257 Arc User
    I been having the problem with everything chat related since Tuesday to include local/PM's and private channels.
  • strathkinstrathkin Member Posts: 2,655 Bug Hunter
    Realize if people have O 'Hotkey' for Social Options, Select Team Settings, then Privacy (tab) in lower right. Some people have only accept Private Messages from Friends or Fleet.

    That may also be what your seeing...
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